HTC HD Mini Software Tour

Here’s a follow up to yesterday’s HTC HD Mini hardware tour video (1080p video is still being processed by YouTube). This time you’ll see the device in action and a quick comparison against the current top of the line Windows Phone, the HTC HD2. As you will see the HTC HD Mini is nearly as smooth and snappy as the HD2 but lacks in other areas. If you want me to show some other parts of the software don’t hesitate to ask bellow, on Twitter or by mail.

  • Cs Iranyi

    I’m very interested in the HTC HD Mini. I’m also planning to purchase one.
    One of my friends has got the HD2. I love it. The resolution, icons, hardware, all together is perfect.
    But I want something smaller. I’ve got two questions I would like you to answer (Because I haven’t seen the screen of a HD Mini yet. I have had it in my hands, but not seen the screen in life.): I know the resolution 320×480 HVGA, compared to the HD2 480×800, WVGA, is it really noticable. I mean, does it still look nice?
    The other question: the application on the marketplace, you wrote in one of your articles (or might have been in one of your videos) that most of the downloadable applications won’t even run on the device. Is it true? What do you reckon? I am aware that in case of an Android there are 1000s of apps, and that Windows doesn’t have that much. But I know it is sily, in percentage? Hoping that you will know what I meant. I just love the phone, the shape, and the UI. I don’t want the W7. It may be the latest, I just don’t like it. But concerned about the screen quality, and future applications.
    Thank you ever so much in advance!


  • MobileTechWorld

    Hi Cs,

    Yeah there’s a pretty big difference between an HVGA dn VWGA screen. Given the current state of WM6.X (the platform is basically dead, same for the Marketplace) your best solution would be to get an Android handset (if you don’t want to get a WP7 device). I don’t even think that HTC is still manufacturing HTC HD Mini handsets. The most interesting solution for you will depend on your location thought. For example the Samsung Galaxy S (which is currently one of the best Android handsets on the market) can be bought for only €9 (with a 2/y contract) in some European countries. If you want something smaller there’s the newest HTC Desire Z (anything so maller than a 3.7″ screen will be HVGA, other than the iPhone 4 obviously). With the recent launch of Android 2.3 (today) you should really get a device that will be upgradeable at least a year from now.