HTC looking at building its own OS?

This looks like the new rumor of the week. Will HTC by Palm? Will HTC scrap Android and WinMo to build a proprietary OS? This all sounds like fanboy’s dream and unicorns. But today HTC’s OWN CFO Cheng Hui-ming, told Bloomberg that the company has been studying the possibility but that noting has been decided yet:

“We continue to assess, but that requires a few conditions to justify”[...]HTC has no timeframe for deciding whether to have its own platform, he said.
“There are many multiple factors to be considered together, rather than a simple statement as to own or not to own” proprietary software, Cheng said

I personally don’t think that HTC has enough resources and manpower to develop its own OS, unless they suddenly drop all support for Android and WinMo (impossible in terms of business). Buying Palm won’t really be a solution either IMO integration will be a pain given the difference in corporate culture. HTC is primary a hardware company, sure they make nice UI shells, but developing UI is far from being the same thing as developing a full blown OS (the BrewMP OS on the HTC Smart is developed by Qualcomm).

Source: Bloomberg