Microsoft's Project Pink Turtle phone caught in the wild

Looks like a Ninja caught Microsoft’s Project Pink Turtle phone in the wild as seen in the picture above. The Turtle and Pure handsets are expected to be announced Monday in San Fransisco (and NYC) and launch on Verizon at the end of this month (April 20 is the rumored date). Here’s what the guy who took the picture had to say:

Seattle Washington

I was able to see the phone in action with a version of windows 7 mobile running on it.

It was smooth and responsive. I was not allowed to take any more pictures of it.

He also had the larger slider phone that is geared more for men with windows 7 mobile on it as well.

Sandisk also let slip that their micro-sd memory cards will be compatible with the Turtle and Pure phones according to PhoneScoop (they didn’t provide any source though). Yup PhoneScoop was full of shit: The KIN handsets don’t have micro-sd slots…

Source: YouTube via Engadget