Monet, Van Gogh & Cézanne paintings in Silverlight with DeepZoom and Metro UI

Microsoft did a really nice Silverlight gallery of the Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet collection presented at the Kunsthaus Zürich in Switzerland. The presentation uses DeepZoom and the Metro UI to navigate trough the paintings. It would be interesting to see if this interactive gallery can be easily ported to WP7 now that DeepZoom is fully functional on Windows Phone 7. Head over here to check it out.

Microsoft Research demos Simultaneous Pen & Touch input

Microsoft Research has just uploaded a video of a prototype digital drafting table that supports both pen and touch input named Manual Deskterity. This prototype is aimed at exploring the what they call a division of labor between pen and touch inherent from natural human skills:

We advocate a division of labor between pen and touch: the pen writes, touch manipulates, and the combination of pen+touch yields new tools. This articulates how our system interprets unimodal pen, unimodal touch, and multimodal pen + touch inputs, respectively. We contribute novel pen + touch gestures that leverage the strengths of both pen and touch; utilizing both modalities to complement one another also enables us to largely sidestep the weaknesses inherent in each modality as well.

I Guess that Steve Jobs would say that Microsoft “Blew it” once again right? Interestigly this project is in some wyas similar to what we have seen the Courier renderings and videos. Oh and those working on it are the same who worked onproject Codex (ealry Courier protoype?).

Source: YouTube via IStartedsomething

Android 2.1 for the Samsung Moment leaked

The boys at the SDX-developers forums (the Samsung version of XDA-Devs) got their hands on the Android 2.1 ROM of the Samsung Moment. The package actualy includes two builds, ECLAIR.DC23 and ECLAIR.DD03. The later being the one that works the best it seems. Head of here to grab it.

Source: SDX-Developers via Engadget

HTC Legend Review

Brandon at Pocketnow has posted his review of the HTC Hero successor, the HTC Legend. The Legend runs Android 2.1 on Qualcomm MSM7227 clocked @ 600Mhz and packs 384MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM. The Legend is IMO the best entry-level Android handset on the market right now (it can be purchased Free with a contract in Europe right now!) and the uni-body aluminum chassis makes it one of the best designed/manufactured phone out there.

Source: Pocketnow