Zune HD 4.5 Update available now

The much anticipated 4.5 Zune HD update is finally available right now. You’ll just have to connect your Zune HDto the Zune desktop software, go to Settings -> Device -> Player Update and you’ll have the option to update your device. Here’s a video of the features in action:

Apple iPhone OS 4 preview on April 8th

Things are heating up ladies and gentlemen. I don’t usually post about Apple related stuff but this one is going to be interesting. The company is going to showcase the latest iPhone OS 4 during a press event on April 8th at the One Infinite Loop campus. Everybody is hoping that Apple is finally going to introduce a real multi-tasking (task Manager?) solution this time which is slightly ironic given that Microsoft decided to do the opposite in Windows Phone 7

Via: Engadget

Microsoft Pink announcement on April 12th ?

The boys at Engadget  have just received a package from Microsoft with an invitation to an event on April 12th in San Francisco. Looks at the pictures I’m thinking that it will probably be the official Pink (TMDP) announcement before the rumored April 20th launch on Verizon. The invitations style/colors matches/looks similar to the images extracted from the Pink ROMs a little while ago

Source: Engadget

Samsung Roadmap leaks: 4 new Bada phones and 2 new Windows Phones

Samsung unveiled its upcoming product roadmap during a recent developer event Russia. According to the the picture above Samsung has 2 Windows Phones (7 or 6.X?) currently scheduled to launch this year, a full touch-screen (slab) handset and a full-qwerty candy bard handset reminiscent of the i780. We can also see One unannounced Android devices are the roadmap (probably an entry-level version of the Galaxy S).

Samsung has lso quite a few Bada handsets planned as pictured above. The first one is obviously the Samsung Wave which should start to hit the market anytime now and 4 other unannounced devices. (2 of them having a slide-out keyboard)

Here’s a quick hands-on of the Samsung Wave:

Source: Allaboutphones.nl via Engadget