HTC working on super Windows Phone 7 Series smartphone

We already got confirmation from HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou, that the company is currently working on a Windows Phone 7 Series handset for the this year. Now according to Microsoft’s Chris e (Senior Manager at Premium Mobile Experience Group) HTC‘s WP7S handset is going to be pretty good in terms of design (hopefully in features too..):

Based on what I heard, #HTC will make all other #WP7S devices look outdated in terms of design. #HTC will clearly deliver the most amazimg WP7S ever.

Source: Chris Sorenson

Windows Phone 7 Series on the HTC HD2?

Sounds and looks like a fake (just like all the previous attempts to make people believe that WP7 was running on the HTC HD2). Some folks over at the HTCPedia forums posted pictures of an HD2 with what looks like the WP7 Pictures/Videos hub, IEMobile etc they are also claiming that the major functino are working, like GPS, Wifi, calls, sms (strange..the current WP7 CTP doesn’t have GPS support…)…of the WP7 Emulator. It’s possible that the unlocked Emulator has been made to work on the HD2 or it’s totally fake…Time will tell….faking it with screenshots is a 5 minutes job…

Update: Video added below

Second video:

HTC HD2 vs Motorola Droid video

The boys at WireFly posted 15 minutes long HTC HD2 vs Motorola Droid video. You can also check out the HD2 vs Nexus One video here.