Samsung Galaxy S walkthrough video

Samsung has just uploaded a full walkthrough video of the newly announced Galaxy S Android handset. The nearly 6 minutes long video give us a quick glance at some of the new features implemented by Samsung, like their new Smart Life UI (the new TouchWIZ?)and the superb 4″ Super AMOLED screen. You also get a look at the eBook reader included on the device. It should be noted that eReader’s bookshelf homescreen looks exactly like the iPad‘s iBooks homescreen (shame on you Samsung! lol)

XNA or Silverlight ? What’s the best choice for developing games on Windows Phone 7 Series?

In the first release of Windows Phone 7 Series, applications cannot mix the use of Silverlight UIElements with XNA Framework GraphicsDevice so developers will have to make a choice between the two frameworks before starting their project. To help them out in their choice, Microsoft’s Michael Klucher’s compiled the comparison table below:

Platform Features Windows Phone Application
(Silverlight-based application model)
Windows Phone Game
(XNA Framework Application model)
Application programming model Event-driven application model.  Great for heavily UI based games. Traditional frame loop for more simulation based content.
Control-based, data-bound UI development UIElement and related types None, the developer must write their own.
Video playback Rich video integration via MediaElement Fullscreen playback via the system media player
2D graphics Rich paths, shapes, and brushes, etc… High performance 2D rendering for large amounts of sprites.
3D graphics Perspective effects using PlaneProjection transform. Provides Hardware Accelerated 3D API’s.
Primary data serialization model XAML Content Manager
Designer tooling Expression Blend, VS XAML designer. XNA Content Pipeline integrates 3rd party tools for creating 3D model & texture assets for your application.
Device sensors Same API in either programming model  
Access to user’s songs and pictures Same API in either programming model  

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Android 2.1 for the HTC Hero on April 26th in Taïwan

Accodring to HTC’s official account on PLURK (the Taïwanese/Chinese Twitter-like service) the Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero will be availalbe on April 26th in Taïwan. Unfortunitely we still don’t have any set date for the worldwide availability other than Q2 2010.

Source: HTC via Engadget

The HTC HD2 sold out in 4 hours across the US

According to several reports and the BGR’s own sources the HTC HD2 sold-out at all most every T-Mobile store in the US in approximately 4 hours. This is good news for HTC & T-Mobile especially after the HTC EVO 4G announcement and the Microsoft’s official statementabout the non upgrade ability to Windows Phone 7 Series.

Source: BGR

2 new HTC HD2 software updates released

HTC has just posted two updates for their flagship Windows Phone handset, the HTC HD2. Head over to the HTC support site (link below) to grab them.

Update for HTC HD2 Facebook Albums :
This update for your phone’s Facebook client restores the ability to view your friends’ photo albums.

Update for HTC HD2 Java Message Pop up :
This update for HTC HD2 prevents javascript messages from automatically opening when the message notification pops up. This will prevent your phone from opening unwanted and unwelcome applications that are sent to you.

I’ve personally never encounter those bugs but if you did make sure to download the fix (both patches are applicable to all ROM versions)

Via: Pocketnow

Microsoft MyPhone service updated to version 1.6

Microsoft has just pushed out a new version of the MyPhone (1.06.22718.01) cloud backup service for Windows Mobile phones:

Dear My Phone User,

We’ve just updated the My Phone backup service to provide fixes and enhancements based on your feedback. The next time you sync, you will receive a notification on your phone to update the My Phone software. The content you have already synced will remain unchanged and can be managed online.

Have you logged into the My Phone website lately? Sure My Phone provides peace of mind with automatic backup, as well as find and protect your lost phone features. But here are a few tips and features that you may not know about:

1) Quickly update and manage your contacts conveniently from your PC. You can even add photos to your contacts from your desktop with just a few clicks of your mouse. Just login to the My Phone website, go to Contacts, and select the contacts that you wish to update.

2) Easily download, upload and share your photos. Getting pictures on and off your phone can sometimes be a tricky task, but My Phone makes it simple. Not only can you download Photos from your phone to your PC, but you can also upload photos from your PC to your phone, as well as quickly share photos from your phone or PC with Windows Live, Facebook, MySpace and Flickr. When you login to My Phone, your most recent Photos are right there on the home page. Select the photos that you wish to upload, download or share.

3) Use Wi-Fi to sync your content. My Phone will sync over Wi-Fi when available. If your phone can connect to the Wi-Fi in your home or office, then you won’t have to worry about cellular data usage.

The My Phone team is excited about the continued success of our service. We were recently chosen as a finalist for the GSMA 2010 Best Mobile Internet Service and continue to see new users across the globe every day.

Thank you for using My Phone. We hope you continue to enjoy our service.

The My Phone Team