Mysterious HTC Windows Phone hits the FCC, launching on September 15th

A new Windows Phone handset from HTC has just hit the FCC a few days ago,the PB92100. Unfortunately nothing about it is know yet other than the following statement:

We are requesting the comission to grant short-term confidentianlity request on the following attachements until 9/15/2010..

Is this a Windows Mobile 6.5.X or Windows Phone 7 Series handset? My guess is that this is probably the Us version of the HTC HD Mini.

Source: FCC via WirelessGoodness

Samsung Wave & Samsung Galaxy S are the first DivX HD certified handsets

Samsung, in collaboration with DivX arre announcing that the Samsung Wave and the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy S will be the first DivX HD certified handsets. Samsung has historically  supported Divx playback on its mid-high-end devices by licensing Nextreaming Player. I also wouldn’t be surprised if HTC licensed the same tech for the upcoming DivX/720p HTC Deisre update. Check ou the full Press Release:
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T-Mobile HTC HD2 vs Nexus One Video and Unboxing

The boys at Pocketnow have just uploaded a quick unboxing video of the recently released US version of the HTC HD2 on T-mobile. They will obivously follow up with a full hands-on video in the coming days.
You can also scheck out WireFly’s HTC HD2 vs Nexus One video review below:

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HTC’s CEO talks Android, HTC HD2 and Windows Phone 7 Series

In an interview with Forbes at CTIA, HTC‘s CEO Peter Chou discussed the success of the Nexus One and how the phone’s innovative design could help HTC attract new consumers:

“We can quickly leverage that credit to show that we are the top Android brand,” [..]“[Google's] goal with the Nexus One was to really show how good Android can be,” Chou said. “In that regard, I think it has been an achievement.”

When asked about 150 000 units sold figure  that mobile analytics firm Flurry estimated Peter Chou said:

“Considering Google didn’t do [standard] retail or marketing for it, the Nexus One is doing pretty well.”

When it comes to Windows Phone 7 Series, Peter had this to say:

[Chou] describing himself as “thrilled” with the many changes Microsoft made to the software. “They’re putting in tremendous effort to make Windows Phone 7 very appealing and competitive,” he said. HTC expects to release a Windows Phone 7 device before the end of the year, Chou added.

It’s interesting to note that HTC has only one Windows Phone 7 handset planned for this year. Microsoft already told me that they wish that OEMs would release less handsets when WP7 finally launches, with only a couple of “Hero” devices every year (similar to the Motorola Droid, Nexus one Android). HTC may be “thrilled” about WP7 but I can assure you that they aren’t happy about the fact that they can no longer use their main differentiator (Sense UI). That’s why they are AFAICS the only WinMo OEM who keeps saying:

“Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 will coexist,” said Chou, explaining that corporate users in particular are likely to keep using the older software.

With yesterdays launch of the HD2 in the US they have no other choice than to say that they are going to support WM6.5 (I’m not holding my breath though..)

Jason Mackenzie, vice president of HTC’s North American division, says the company was pleased with first-day sales and expected the [HTC HD2] device to be “viable” for the rest of the year.

Source: Forbes