Programming Windows Phone 7 Series Free eBook available now

Microsoft MVP, Charles Petzold, made available for free a draft preview of his upcoming “Programming Windows Phone 7 Series” eBook on Microsoft’s press site. The draft preview iw over 150 pages long and contains the following chapters:

Part I Getting Started

Chapter 1 Phone Hardware + Your Software

Chapter 2 Hello, Windows Phone

Part II Silverlight

Chapter 3 Code and XAML

Chapter 4 Presentation and Layout


Chapter 5 Principles of Movement

Chapter 6 Textures and Sprites

If you are planning to start developing for WP7 and want to learn a bit more about Silverlight & XNA,waste no time and hit the following links : XPS format & PDF Format & Zip file of the code Samples.

Source: Microsoft Press via Pocketnow

  • khanh

    Thanks! Can’t wait to read this later.

  • khanh

    Thanks! Can’t wait to read this later.