Swype & Samsung Mobile set new texting world record

Samsung just released this new tv ad for the Omnia II showing Swype intern, Franklin Page, setting a new Guinness World Recording in Texting. The ad was filmed earlier this month in New York, where Page set the Guinness World Record for the fastest text message on a touch-screen mobile phone.

“The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.” in 35.54 seconds

Ironicaly the Omnia II’s resistive touchscreen is one of the worst I have ever used. If you wish to try the Swype on-screen keyboard head over here for the Windows Mobile version and here for Android.

Source: Youtube & Seattle Times

LG VS750 shows up live

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about the upcoming LG VS750but it looks like we are about to finally get some real solid info about it soon. PhoneArena received the first ever live picture of the Windows Mobile 6.5 handset and some of the specifications. The VS750 packs a resistive 3.2″ WVGA touchscreen (no WP7 for this one folks..), 256Mb of Ram & 512 of Rom a sliding qwerty keyboard and will support CDMA 1x/EVDO Rev A. 800/1900MHz, and GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/190MHz and UMTS/HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbps. The phone should be launched on Verizon in the coming weeks.

Source: PhoneArena

Programming Windows Phone 7 Series Free eBook available now

Microsoft MVP, Charles Petzold, made available for free a draft preview of his upcoming “Programming Windows Phone 7 Series” eBook on Microsoft’s press site. The draft preview iw over 150 pages long and contains the following chapters:

Part I Getting Started

Chapter 1 Phone Hardware + Your Software

Chapter 2 Hello, Windows Phone

Part II Silverlight

Chapter 3 Code and XAML

Chapter 4 Presentation and Layout


Chapter 5 Principles of Movement

Chapter 6 Textures and Sprites

If you are planning to start developing for WP7 and want to learn a bit more about Silverlight & XNA,waste no time and hit the following links : XPS format & PDF Format & Zip file of the code Samples.

Source: Microsoft Press via Pocketnow

The Dell Mini 3 becomes the Dell Aero. Launches on AT&T now

The Dell Mini 3 is now officially the Dell Aero on AT&T. Dell’s first Android smartphone is now finally coming to the US after being launched a little while ago in China. The devices specs are identical but will feature a custom user interface developed by Dell and AT&T.

Source: AT&T’s FaceBook page

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 out now on T-Mobile UK

Looks like T-Mobile UK is on a roll today! The much anticipated Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is now available for order on T-Mobile’s UK online store. Like the HTC Desire it will cost you nothing with a 24 Months plan (at £35/month) or £129 with with a £22/month contract. The handset is expected to be delivered in 10 days (hopefully no delay…).

Source: T-Mobile UK

HTC Desire now available on T-Mobile UK

HTC’s high-end Android smartphone is now available for purchase on T-Mobile’s UK online store for as low as £0 with the lowest 24 months plan. Potential buyers of the HTC Desire can also get it for £129 with a £22/month contract. Now lets hope that HTC releases the promised DivX & 720P update soon.

Source: T-Mobile UK via Engadget

The HTC Supersonic shows-up again. Announcement imminent?

The hotly anticipated HTC Supersonic poped-up once again on a Sprint inventory list if the screenshot above is to be believed. For those of you who didn’t follow everything,the Supersonic (also known as the HTC A9292) is basically an HTC HD2 running Android 2.1 strapped with a WiMax antenna and Radio. This device will be Sprint’s first WiMax smartphone available when released in the coming months. HTC is now expected to unveil the handset (and maybe the HTC Incredible too) this week during CTIA. Stay tuned for more…

New official HTC HD2 rom released (1.72)

HTC has just released a new ROM for the HTC HD2 bringing it up to version 1.72. THis new ROM is currently only available in Hong Kong (in WWE and CN version) but will probably come out everywhere shortly. Unfortunately HTC didn’t provide any change-log other than the usual “Keeping in touch has always been very important, and this upgrade delivers fast and reliable SMS messaging.” which doesn’t make sense given that the famous SMS bug was fixed in the previous ROM (1.66). You can go here to download the file.

Via: XDA-Devs