Windows Phone 7 Series Task Manager video walkthrough

Just shot this short walkthrough video of the Task Manager found in the Windows Phone 7 Series emulator. As you can see the thing is PACKED with options, info and features. Will have to play with it a bit more to fully figure out what’s going on.You can check out a full video walkthrough of the OS here (videos are still being processed by Google…)

Windows Phone 7 Series Applications & Settings video walkthrough

I just did 2 walkthrough videos of the recently unlocked Windows Phone 7 Series emulator. The first one shows all the native apps currently present in the OS (Zune, Pictures, Office, Messaging, Camera etc..):

The second video is a quick walkthrough of the different settings available:

PS: Videos are still being processed by Google…

Windows Mobile 6.5 update for Sprint Touch Pro2 released

The much delayed Windows Mobile 6.5 update for the Sprint Touch Pro2 is finally available. As it’s usually the case with ROM upgrade always remember to backup all your data before flashing your handset. Here are the release notes:

•Upgraded OS to Windows Mobile 6.5
•Added HTC Sense UI enhancements
•Improved Social Networking integration
•Includes a variety of minor bug fixes

Head over here to download the ROM.

Source: HTC via WMExperts

Seesmic on Windows Phone 7 Series video walkthrough

I just came across this hands-on video of the Windows Phone 7 Series version of the Seesmic client unveiled at MIX10 earlier this week. As you can see the application retains the basic Metro UI mechanism and is 100% Silverlight. Loic Lemeur also indicates that the code of WP7 version is nearly identical to the desktop version thanks to Silverlight.

Windows Phone 7 Series Emulator ROM Unlocked

The boys in Redmond aren’t going to be happy about this…After a bit of digging, blogger Dan Ardelean managed to fully unlock the ROM found within the Windows Phone 7 CTP Emulator. As you can see in the screenshots above all the apps are now available and also access to the task manager among other things. Dan has also posted the Bin file here (Dan took down the link. Guess it’s too late now, the file is all over the place…Microsoft isn’t going to be happy at all…). I frankly wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft decides to take down the whole thing in a few hours.

Source:Dan Ardelean thanks for the tip Mike

Windows Phone 7 Series UI Design & Interaction Guide

Microsoft just released the Windows Phone 7 Series UI Design Interaction Guide. The Document is a 65 pages guide on how to design Windows Phone 7 applications:

The Windows® Phone 7 Series CTP User Interface (UI) is based off a Windows Phone design system internally codenamed “Metro.” The Metro design principles center on a look that uses type to echo the visual language of airport and metro system signage. The goal is to clearly direct end users to the content they want. Metro interfaces are supposed to embody harmonious, functional, and attractive visual elements. Ideally, good UI design should encourage playful exploration when interacting with the application and people should feel a sense of wonder and excitement. A clear, straightforward design not only makes an application legible, it encourages usage. This guide will provide design knowledge and fundamentals for this type of UI development. We highly recommend that developers adopt the Metro design style whenever possible. Although requirements may vary based on the application, paralleling this experience will create a more consistent, fluid UI experience from the custom and built-in application view.

This guide will also detail several possible methods of interaction that can be used by a Windows Phone 7 Series CTP application, including standard input, functionality within the UI framework, and the Metro-themed Silverlight® and system-based controls. By understanding and incorporating key design concepts and considerations within these areas, you can craft your application to provide a better end user experience. You will also have a deeper understanding of the number of different hardware and software interaction elements that are available to developers in Windows Phone 7 Series CTP. Diverging from the Windows Phone 7 Series CTP interaction model is generally not allowed. However, there are a few exceptions where the UI behavior is different as application requirements vary.

I highly recommend you to download the whole thing here. This document is currently the best overall source of info on WP7. You’ll find answers on every subject related to the Metro UI, gesture support, push notification, hardware buttons, themes etc… Eveything you ever wanted to know about WP7 is in there.