No Multi-Tasking for 3rd party apps in WP7, no removable storage, no file explorer

Unfortunately Microsoft won’t be able to please everybody with Windows phone 7 Series . The lack of multi-tasking shouldn’t come as a surprise especially given that I (with PPCGeeks) was the first to post the full specs of WP7 more than a month ago (one week before the official announcement, thanks again anonymous tipster..). We all expected this and today Microsoft confirmed it to Mary Jo Foley; third-party apps won’t be able to multi-task but will have the ability to use the push-notification services (just like on the iPhone). This doesn’t really bother me given that I rarely use a task-manager to jump from one app to another. Additionally, the Metro UI and design helps to make the whole UX free of any multi-tasking needs.

But what bothers me is the total lack of file explorer and access to the file system (and build-in storage on the phone). First-off, removable storage cards are out. WP7 devices will come with non-removable Flash memory (minimum 8Gb) and the only way to install an app will be through the Marketplace (enterprise customers will be able to deploy apps without going through the Marketplace). Secondly it looks like the phone’s internal memory will be encrypted (like the Zune HD & iPhone). This means that the only way to transfer data to your phone from the PC will be via the Zune software (you can no longer use your handset as a USB HDD). Also remember that on the Zune HD and iPhone, pictures transferred to the device are always automatically resized and compressed (it’s still not know if this is going to be the case here though).

This is obviously the first release of a new OS and Microsoft has already announced that OTA updates with new features & improvements will be pushed out on a regular basis. My only hope is that Microsoft allows third-party developers to build file explorers (I’m not holding my breath tho..)