More HTC HD2 Windows Phone 7 confusion: HTC support says update is coming

Things are going to get ugly folks. To ad more confusion to a confusing problem HTC’s support reps are now telling consumers that HTC is working with Microsoft on a Windows Phone 7 Series update for the HTC HD2:

Translation from Spanish to Englsih:
Concerning your question, we can inform you that we are working along with Microsoft and plan to bring a Windows Mobile 7 ROM update, but for now we do not have a release date.

Here’s another answer received from the UK suppport team:

When Windows Mobile 7 been released then your device can upgrade to WM7.

Ugh….Come one HTC & Microsoft! Can we finally have an official answer and end all this nonsense? MIX10?

Via: XDA-Devs & Pocketnow

T-Mobile HTC HD2 unboxing video

Hot on the heels of the unboxing gallery comes the unboxing video of the soon to be release US version of the HTC HD2 on T-Mobile:

I find it interesting to see that a protective rubber case is supplied in the box. Unfortunitely this won’t protect the massive 4.3 screen.

Via: TMoNews & Pocketnow

3D rendering effects overview on Windows Phone 7 Series with video

Microsoft demonstrated all the new effects available in the XNA Game Studio 4.0 release during a GDC session and my pal Chuong from Pocketnow had the chance to capture it on video. The first video principally covers the new guidelines and resolutions supported by WP7 (WVGA & HVGA). Microsoft is also suggesting to developers that developing intensive 3D games at WVGA isn’t really recommended. Using the build-in hardware scaler seems to be the preferred solution. For example, a game can be rendered by the GPU at 600×360 & then upscaled to 800×480 by the scaler (same aspect ratio) to achieve greater framerate. I’m guessing that this is what Apple is implementing on the iPad (iPhone apps are upscaled for “free”) and feature higher-res iPhone phones.

Tse second video is an overview of the 5 new effects added to the XNA 4.0: BassidEffect, DualTexttureEffect, AplhaTestEffect, SkinnedEffect & EnvironementMapEffect:

Here’s description of each one of them:

- 0-3 Directional lights
- Blinn-Phong Shading
- Optional Texture
- Optional Fog
- Optional Vertex Color

- For lightmaps, detail textures, decals
- Blends two textures
- Separate texture coordinates
- Modulate 2X combine mode
- Good visuals at low pixel cost

- For billboards & imposters
- Adds alpha test operations (pixel kill)
- Standard blending is free with all effects
- Only need alpha test if you want too disable depth/stencil writes

- For animated models and instancing
- Game code animates bones on GPU
- Vertex skinning performed by the GPU
- Up to 72 bones
- One, tow or four weights per vertex

- Oh Shinny!
- Difuse Texture + cube environement map
- Cheap way to fake many complex lights
- Frsnel term simulates behaviour when lights reaches a surface and some reflects, some penetrates