New Windows Phone Developer blog launched

The Windows Phone team just launched the new Windows Phone Developer blog just in time for GDC and MIX. The blog is now located at and will be the place where all WP7 development related info will be posted.

This is the place. Subscribe to this feed to get deep technical information on the tools, platform capabilities, and so forth. We’ll be linking to other blogs and content sites as well. We’ll do our best to keep away from marketing spiel and instead focus on great technical conversations.

Microsoft Pink Phones launching on Verizon on April 20th?

Wow, Microsoft is leaking all over the place this week. Engadget just posted é new pictures of the Tutrle and Pure handset and some more info about the release date.

According to their sources, the 2 phone will launch exclusively on Verizon with a rumored street date of April 20th and TMDP actualu means “Truly, madly, deeply“. Below you’ll see a couple of images exctracted from the device’s ROMs:

Vodafone is likely to be the international launch partner confirming what I’ve heard at MWC (Pink is launching worldwide, not only US) I still think that all the Microsoft/Danger branded stuff is just a wast of time and Money. Microsoft should ficus on Windows Phone 7 Series instead.

First Microsoft Courier live pictures and details!

The Engadget boys just posted the first live pictures of Microsoft’s Courier Tablet and some details about the devices specifications and release date. From what they’ve heard the Courier will feature an nVidia Tegra 2 chipset coupled with an OS based on Windows CE 6 (like Windows Phone 7 Series,Pink & Zune HD…). The product also seems to feature dual capacitive screens (“not much bigger than a 5×7 photo when closed”) that can be used with your fingers or the digital Pen pictured above. Microsoft is also apparently builing an eBook ecosystem around it. Release date is rumored to be Q3/Q4 2010, but this is probably a little bit early. If this turns out to be true and Windows CE is at the base of the Courier OS I expect Microsoft to unify the developement tools with the Zune HD & Windows Phone 7 Series.

Source: Engadget

Windows Phone 7 Series development infromation and Q&A

Microsoft’s Charlie Kindel has just posted a little blurb on what developers can expect in Windows Phone 7 Series. As expected (and leaked here in early February) the main development tools will be XNA and Silverlight (via Explression Blend):

I mentioned in my last post that one of our principles was “to build upon the shoulders of giants; where possible integrate instead of create.” It won’t come as a surprise to many to learn that the Windows Phone 7 developer experience builds upon the following GIANTS (among others):

XNA platform
Microsoft’s developer tools
Web 2.0 standards

The expertise and familiarity with our tools is not lost. If you are a .NET developer today your skills and much of your code will move forward. If you are Silverlight or XNA developer today you’re gonna be really happy. New developers to the platform will find a cohesive, well designed API set with super productive tools.

He also confirmed that their will be no backward compatibility with previsou and current Windows Mobile applications. You can check out his full post here

If you are not faimilair with XNA or Silverlight I suggest you go check out the offical site here & here.

The Windows Phone 7 Series Dev Team is running a Q&A session on Twitter right no. To follow it just click here or follow the #WP7DEV tag.