Nokia Ovi Maps for Android & Windows Mobile in the works? [Updated]

In a interview with Austrian magazine Die Presse, Greig Williams, Nokia’s general manager for the Alps and South East Europe, dropped something that nobody really expected. When asked if the company’s Ovi Maps will ever be released on Android and Windows Mobile he answered “That will be the next step.”. Now take this with a huge load of salt folks. The Ovi Maps software and services is one of the big differentiors for Nokia handsets compared to the compation,so I don’t really see why the company will basically shoot it self in the foot by releasing it on Android and Windows Mobile.

UPDATE:Nokia has just denied the story “”have spoken to Greig and he absolutely didn’t make that statement. As I understand it, this has now been, or in the process of being, taken down by the De Presse journalist at their site.”

Source: Die Presse via ElectricPig