HTC Desire to receive DivX playback support in future update

HTC Legend, HTC Desire, HTC HD2, HTC HD Mini

I had the chance to talk to HTC a couple of hours ago during their local HTC Legend/Desire/HD Mini presentation. There was obviously nothing new to learn (especially since I already got some hands-on action last week at the MWC). The only new piece of info I got was about the rumored DivX playback and 720P encoding capabilities of the HTC Desire (aka HTC Bravo). The answer I got was that DivX support will be added in a future update (they didn’t say much about 720P support but from the way it sounded it should be coming in the same update) because they didn’t have time to finalise the feature before launching the handset.

HTC HD2, HTC Desire, HTC HD Mini

The HTC Legend and HTC Desire are currently scheduled to launch in Spring (probably in March) and the HTC HD Mini in May. Check out my HTC Desire Review hereand don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

More Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition information

Mary Jo Foley got in touch with a Microsoft spokeperson to get some more information about the recently announced Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition:

Q: Is Mobile Starter available to phone makers via Bsqure only? Or also direct from Microsoft?
A: The Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition SKU is available to all direct partners. It is also available via MediaTek and BSquare.

Q: Is this a stripped-down version of Windows Mobile 6.5? What’s not there that’s in the full fledged version?
A: The Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition SKU is offered in multi-language versions with and without Microsoft Office Mobile and supports 2G (GSM), 2.5G (CDMA2000 xRTT, EDGE, GPRS), CDMA (Rev A, EV-DO Revision A), and TD-SCDMA radios.

Sounds confusing doesn’t it? We now have Windows Mobile 6.5.X, Windows Phone 6 Start Edition and Windows Phone 7 Series

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No Adobe Flash 10.1 support for Windows Mobile 6.5? Wait a sec..

Looks like there’s some confusion (or FUD) going on at Adobe’s official forums. It all started when somebody asked Adobe for clarification about their Flash 10.1 Mobile roadmap. Somebody claiming to be an Adobe Employe posted the following:

On January 9:

We’re waiting for OS updates from Google and Microsoft before we can distribute a Flash Player Beta. We expect this to happen early this year. Thank you for your patience!

The first Android devices that will support Flash Player are the Droid and Nexus One. The first WinMo device will be the HTC HD2.

Then on February 5th

As for WinMo, we have made the tough decision to defer support for that platform until WinMo7. This is due to the fact that WinMo6.5 does not support some of the critical APIs that we need.

Hold on! Isn’t it the other way around? ISVs no longer have access to native code and APIs on WP7. Sounds fishy doesn’t it? Especialy given Adobe’s official announcement that Flash 10.1 is coming to WM6.5 and that Windows Phone 7 Series won’t have flash support before 2011. Oh and there’s also the fact that Adobe has also demonstrated the Flash 10.1 plugin running on WM6.5 in a video posted on February 15th here

Source: Adobe Forums via Pocketnow

Nokia Ovi Maps for Android & Windows Mobile in the works? [Updated]

In a interview with Austrian magazine Die Presse, Greig Williams, Nokia’s general manager for the Alps and South East Europe, dropped something that nobody really expected. When asked if the company’s Ovi Maps will ever be released on Android and Windows Mobile he answered “That will be the next step.”. Now take this with a huge load of salt folks. The Ovi Maps software and services is one of the big differentiors for Nokia handsets compared to the compation,so I don’t really see why the company will basically shoot it self in the foot by releasing it on Android and Windows Mobile.

UPDATE:Nokia has just denied the story “”have spoken to Greig and he absolutely didn’t make that statement. As I understand it, this has now been, or in the process of being, taken down by the De Presse journalist at their site.”

Source: Die Presse via ElectricPig

LG’s first Windows Phone 7 Series handset shipping as early as September ?

Accodring to Engadget Chinese, who had the chance to sit down with LG Hong Kong during their Chinese New Year event, the company’s first Windows Phone 7 Series handset is scheduled to ship as eraly as September. Problem is that the Chinese-to-English translation of the news post doesn’t really say that:

LG a few days ago, said the event earlier in the MWC 2010 released Windows Phone 7 Series mobile phones is expected that at the end of this year, about September to launch in December or so.”

Source: Engadget Chinese via Engadget

Skype for Windows Mobile discontinued

This frankly came out of no where. According to Skype‘s own FAQ the Windows Mobile version has now been officially dropped supposedly because of a subpar user experience sucked compared to the iPhone and Symbian version:

Why can’t I download Skype Lite or Skype for Windows Mobile?

Unfortunately, Skype Lite – a version of Skype for your mobile phone – and Skype for Windows Mobile are no longer available for download from our site.

We’ve chosen to withdraw Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile because we want to offer our new customers an improved mobile experience – much like the version that has proved so popular on the iPhone, and which is now available on Symbian phones. Our focus is on providing a rich user experience that allows you to enjoy free Skype-to-Skype and low cost calls as easily on the move as you do at your desktop.
We felt that Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile were not offering the best possible Skype experience.

Can I still use Skype Lite if I already have it?
Yes. People who have already installed Skype Lite can continue to use it throughout 2010.

Can I still use Skype for Windows Mobile if I already have it?
Yes. People who have already installed Skype for Windows Mobile can of course continue to use it.

You can still download the .cab file here. Hopefully a Windows Phone 7 Series version will see the light of the day next year.

Source: Skype via 4winmobile