LG-LU2300 Android smartphone shipping in Q2 2010

Just a few days after MWC LG announced that their new flagship Android smarthphone, the LG-LU2300, will ship in Q2 2010. The LU2300 is said to have a 1Ghz CortexA8 CPU, WVGA AOMLED touchscreen, 5Mpix camera capable of recording 720P videos, Mobile TV Tuner, Android 2.1 (I guess that it is the SnapDragon handset we heard about a few months ago?). It will also come preloaded with a bunch of apps (an augmented reality being one of them, probably Google Goggles):

“In the past, smartphone users had to download and install all application programs in their new phones,” said Na Joo-young, a spokeswoman for LG. “To address concerns from first-time smartphone users who wanted an easy access to numerous applications, we decided to preload the best applications in our phones.”

Source: TelecomKorea

Sony Ericsson Aspen preview

Here’s a first impression video of the recently announced Sony Ericsson Aspen smartphone. The Aspen is one of the first Windows Mobile 6.5.3 smartphone that will be sold this year and probably the last from SE before they switch to Windows Phone 7 Series. The phone is primary aimed at business user so don’t expect SE to really market the device all over the place. They will instead push really hard behind the new line of Android based X10 line of devices.

Source: Tracy & Matt