HTC HD2 1.66 Rom from Vodafone UK released


This one came out of nowhere.. Vodafone UK has just release an Rom update for the HTC HD2 based on the latest official HTC 1.66 version. If you bought your device from them and didn’t HSPL it don’t hesitate to flash it as soon as possible. The 1.66 rom fixes the majority of all the annoying bugs found on the HTC HD2. You can grab it here (don’t forget to backup all your data before!)

Source: Vodafone via Coolsmartphone

Google Earth finally available in the Android Market: Only for Android 2.1

Google showcased Google Earth last month during the Nexus One launch, unfortunitely the application wasn’t part of the handset at launch. Google has finnaly made it avaialble today in the Android Market for free. THe only drawback being that it is only compatible with Android 2.1 handsets. So if you have a Nexus One or any other Android 2.1 handset, hurry-up and grab it!

Source: Google

Windows Phone 7 has everything to succeed

Last week’s been really busy with MWC and the Windows Phone 7 Series announcement on Monday 15th in Barcelona. A lot has been said about it since then and the general consensus is that Microsoft is doing the right thing by restarting from scratch but some people are still worried or disappointed because of what seems like an “iPhonesque” shift in strategy. I’ll try to share my thoughts with you and hopefully give you a little insight on what can be Microsoft’s next Billion dollar business.
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