Toshiba K01 hands-on

Toshiba officially unveiled the K01 this week at MWC. At first glance you would think that it’s just a TG02 but upon closer inspection you will find out that this thing features a 4 row sliding qwerty keyboard. Similar in design to the TG02 the Toshiba K01 will also feature an AMOLED display (instead of LCD). As you can see in the pictures, the handset is really slim. Internally it’s speced exactly like the TG02 and like its keyboard brother doesn’t feature a 3.5mm Jack and camera flash.

  • ani

    hello, wondering if you can tell me where i can find out the price of this phone, and also where to purchase it …


  • M. Daou


    AFAIK he K01 has never been released and I assume that it won’t see the light of the day now that windows Phone 7 is about to launch in a couple of months. My guess is that Toshiba is going to release it later on with slightly different specs to meet WP7′s HW requirements (it doesn’t have a digital compass for example).