Windows Mobile 7 to be named Windows Phone 7 Series

Looks like the boys at Engadget notice something really intersting in Barcelona today. The Windows Phone billboards have white stickers on them hiding the words :”7 Series”. This would indicate that Windows Mobile 7 will probably come in different flavors. So please welcome the new Windows Phone 7 Series OS from Microsoft. I’ll be in Barcelona tomorrow and will update you live on the situation.

Source: Engadget

Early Windows Mobile 7 beta screenshots ?

What seems like early (from back in 2006?) Windows Mobile 7 screenshots have been popping up all over the net lately. I say ealry because the fact that it is running in an old PocketPC emulator and on an HTC Universal (and I realy hope & think that this isn’t how the final version will look like). Also keep in mind that WM7 has been in works since 2005 and tat the project has be restarted from scratch several times. The whole thing could be totally fake though, so lets wait untill Monday.

Source: Pocketnow

Samsung Wave specifications and live pictures

Here are the first live pictures of Samsung’s first Bada phone, the Samsung Wave that we have seen yesterday on a giant billboard in Barcelona at MWC10:

Samsung Wave specs:

-3.3”amoled screen
-5mpix autofocus, flash
-720p video
-2gb internal memory
-Microsd slot
-WIFI b/g/n
-1ghz processor
-Bada OS
-Touchwiz 3.0
-3.5 mm jack
-1500mAh baterry
-Aluminum body
-Tempered glass
-Divx player
-10.9mm thick!

It looks like the Wave features a Qualcomm SnapDragon SoC @ 1ghz.
Source: DailyMobile

Microsoft Project Pink Turtle phone passes the FCC

Look at what we’ve got here… The rumored Microsoft Porject Pink Turtle phone that we have seen a couple of months ago just hit the FCC, thanks to the folks at ZuneBoards who spotted this. The device manufactured by Sharp is said to be a “CDMA Slide Phone with WLAN & BT” Not much else is know though. Will this be the new SideKick? Is it TMDP? More to come in 2 days I guess…

Source FCC via ZuneBoards via Neowin