Skyfire acquires Kolbysoft, Android version coming

Skyfire, makers of the famous server-side-rendering mobile browser that support Flash & Silverlight video content have just announced the acquisition of Kolbysoft makers of the Android Steel browser. The company has also announced the upcoming released of an Android version (it is currently availalbe on Windows Mobile & Symbian):

Today, we are announcing the acquisition of kolbysoft, creators of the Steel mobile browser for Android. The acquisition is effective immediately.

Many of our Skyfire fans have been clamoring for when they could get Skyfire for Android. We have been working on it, and with this acquisition, we add resources to speed that effort.

By adding kolbysoft’s talent to Skyfire, we’ll be able to fuse the best of Skyfire’s famed cloud-computing multimedia capabilities with the Webkit browser movement to create a better hybrid model for Android. Steel has been the most acclaimed browser in the Android Marketplace, adding features atop Webkit. Together, we’ll be able to do so much more.

The acquisition brings considerable Android and user experience know-how to Skyfire. Michael Kolb, founder of kolbysoft, will become chief client architect for all of Skyfire’s browsers across operating systems. All of us at Skyfire are thrilled to work with Michael, and welcome him aboard.

Users of the existing version of the Steel browser will still be able to use the current version, but will be offered upgrades to Skyfire Android edition once it is released. We can’t share any timing or more details at this time, but I promise you’ll like it. Sign up to follow Skyfire on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll be the first to hear when news is announced.

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Source: Skyfire