Samsung Wave Bada phone to be announced Sunday at MWC

Samsung’s first Bada phone just made an appearance on a huge billboard in Barcelona today. The Samsung Wave will be the company’s first handset running the new Bada OS/Framework and should be available in Europe in Q2 2010. The announcement will take place Sunday afternoon at MWC.


T-Mobile US HTC HD2 news coming soon

According to T-Mobile US’ Twitter account we should expect to hear some news about the upcoming release date of the HTC HD2 pretty soon:

The lastest info hints at a March release date.

SOurce: Twitter

Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 released

Opera has just released the Beta 3 of Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile & Symbian devices. The major new feature is the addition of FalshLite 3.1 support on Windows Mobile devices (it’s still experimental and from what I’ve seen it doesn’t work quite well even on the HTC HD2). There’s still no Text-Reflow or pinch-to-zoom support though and it looks like screen rotation is gone..

- Complete bookmark sync in Opera Link
- Support for non-latin characters in the UI also when phone is set to latin locale (requires international build)
- A lot of input and keyboard related fixes
- Fixed text selection
- Visual indication of input mode also for non-latin input modes
- General bug fixing (stability, UI)

Windows Mobile
- keypad/smartphone support
- Flash Lite 3.1 support (disabled by default)
- Complete bookmark sync in Opera Link
- BIDI support also for language extensions
- phone numbers in plain text are converted to links
- support for background sound
- general bug fixing (stability, UI)

Known issues include:

- Opera Link: Bookmarks saved in Beta 2 are lost when upgrading to Beta 3
- Hotmail does not work, please use the mobile version “”
- Dragonfly – need to do ‘connect’ two times in a row to get a connection working

- After permanently accepting an untrusted certificate, you get an error when trying to load the https:// page again. Workaround: In the S60 device menu go to the Settings -> General -> Security -> Certificate Management -> Trusted site certificates and delete the certificate for the problematic site

Windows Mobile:
- Flash is only a preview/in alpha state, expect instabilities, performance degradation during use
- Flash is only supported on touch devices
- Need to double-click on Flash content to view it in full-screen, another double-click to return
- right-to-left support is not complete in the UI
- On certain WM5 Smartphone/WM6 Standard devices, the dictionary is not disabled in the password field
- Unable to type special characters on Moto Q9
- Certain HTC devices with TouchFLO will force Opera back to portrait mode if visiting home screen when Opera is in landscape
- Some input method editors are known not to work well with Opera because they do not comply with Microsoft’s SIP and/or IME standard. When such an editor is detected by Opera, Opera will use a known (default) input method instead. An exception is EzInput v1.5, where the phone keypad and compact QWERTY, ABC mode doesn’t work, but the rest of the modes work fine. We recommend upgrading to EzInput v2.0 to avoid this.

You can grab it here

Skyfire acquires Kolbysoft, Android version coming

Skyfire, makers of the famous server-side-rendering mobile browser that support Flash & Silverlight video content have just announced the acquisition of Kolbysoft makers of the Android Steel browser. The company has also announced the upcoming released of an Android version (it is currently availalbe on Windows Mobile & Symbian):

Today, we are announcing the acquisition of kolbysoft, creators of the Steel mobile browser for Android. The acquisition is effective immediately.

Many of our Skyfire fans have been clamoring for when they could get Skyfire for Android. We have been working on it, and with this acquisition, we add resources to speed that effort.

By adding kolbysoft’s talent to Skyfire, we’ll be able to fuse the best of Skyfire’s famed cloud-computing multimedia capabilities with the Webkit browser movement to create a better hybrid model for Android. Steel has been the most acclaimed browser in the Android Marketplace, adding features atop Webkit. Together, we’ll be able to do so much more.

The acquisition brings considerable Android and user experience know-how to Skyfire. Michael Kolb, founder of kolbysoft, will become chief client architect for all of Skyfire’s browsers across operating systems. All of us at Skyfire are thrilled to work with Michael, and welcome him aboard.

Users of the existing version of the Steel browser will still be able to use the current version, but will be offered upgrades to Skyfire Android edition once it is released. We can’t share any timing or more details at this time, but I promise you’ll like it. Sign up to follow Skyfire on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll be the first to hear when news is announced.

Happy browsing,


Source: Skyfire

HTC Legend appears on KPN’s website: Launching in March

Netherlands’ KPN carrier seems to have jumped the gun by listing the upcoming HTC Legend on their website a few hours ago. There’s no doubt now that the Legend will be one of the handsets that HTC will officially unveiled next week at the MWC. KPN’s product page also notes that the device is expected to launch in March.

Source: KPN via Tweakers & Engadget

Bing Maps adds Flickr, WorldWide Telescope, Live Video

Microsoft today announced several new Bing Maps features which are part of what the team calls Spatial Search. The first one is the integration of FlickR picture into Street Side view (see the screenshot above). What Microsoft did is crawl through all the Geotagged pictures of several cities (San Fransisco, Seattle & Vancouver) and matched them with their Street Side imagery. The second features is a big one: Bing Sky, integration of the WorldWide Telescope into Bing Maps. To activate it you just look at the sky when in Street Side view and you’ll see the stars. The last feature is the ability to view live videos integrated directly into Streetside view (with real-time live tracking). Check the video here :

At TED we also demonstrated live Webcam feeds perfectly which enables real-time video to be overlaid seamlessly on street-level imagery, adding another dimension to the mapping experience. Imagine – you can see how long the line is at Five Guys before you head over for a burger. In the coming year, we think you will be pleasantly surprised with how far Bing takes this new technology. Stay tuned.

Only the Flickr integration is currently available (in Beta).

Read more about it at the Bing Maps blog here