LG LU9400 Arena Max : First SnapDragon featurephone?

Looks like the LG LU9400 Arena Maxmight be the first featurephone (non-smartphone) featuring a Qualcomm SnapDragon Chipset. Not much is known though but if you I wouldn’t be surprised if the handset was actually powered by Android (or even Windows Mobile) event tough the Arena name suggest otherwise.

Source: AllAboutphones & Citizen

Android 2.1 coming to the Motorola Droid

Engadget got the inside scoop on the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid. Unfortunately there’s no info on the release date of this update but hopefully it’s only a matter of weeks not months. Here’s what’s new:

  • It’s based on Android 2.1. The build currently being circulated is identified as 2.1 version 1, mirroring the update just pushed to the Nexus One last week.
  • Google Gogglesis now pre-installed (no matter how unhelpful it may be).
  • The browser’s now multitouch enabled, just like Google Maps 3.4. Huzzah! No Flash, but then again, we weren’t really expecting that.
  • Interestingly, the home screen’s still got the same look as 2.0.1, meaning it doesn’t adopt the Nexus One’s rotating 3D grid of app icons — it’s still got the pull-up drawer tab at the bottom.
  • No active wallpapers. Bummer!
  • The news and weather widgets introduced on the Nexus One are included. Maybe certain capabilities of 2.1 are going to be restricted to devices with minimum performance benchmarks?
  • Source: Engadget

    First HTC Legend live pictures

    We finally have some real live pictures of the HTC Legend Android smartphone. As you probably remember the HTC Legend is a sort-of an HTC Hero succesor with an optical trackpad (instead of the trackball) and a slightly higher specs CPU (MSM7227) @600Mhz. THe Legend will probably be officially announced nest week at MWC.

    Source: Engadget

    Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 will get Android 2.X, but not now

    In a recent blog post titled “Xperia X10 will be upgradeable”, Sony Ericsson’s Sumit Malhotra discuss the merits of SE’s Timescape UI sitting on top of Android and the fact that every time he demos the X10 people always ask him why it is still based on Android 1.6 and not a higher version:

    On the other hand when moving over to talk about the user interface, I have felt some skepticism in the air since people tend to have adopted quickly to Android release version as their context of competitiveness. Quite often, the starting point for this part of the demonstration is a 1.6 release remark if I would generalize my interactions to date. [...] I have probably painted a positive picture, but I am sharing the discussions I have had and my take outs from them. I am not trying to hide from the fact that there are platform upgrades between android 1.6 and 2.1, if utilized can enhance the experience for developers and users. Having that said, I have had discussions with carriers that are very sensitive and concerned generally about taking on devices in their range that are not competitive enough. I have faced head to head comparisons between Xperia X10 and generic 2.1 Android devices (as well as other OS) and carriers have concluded that we still stand strong in comparison. This because of the layer that we ad on top of the generic OS.

    Source: Sony Ericsson via theunwired

    Motorola Devour Superbowl TV ad featuring Megan Fox

    Just in case you missed yesterday’s Superbowl on TV here’s one of the best ads that aired last night (yeah this year’s selection was really crappy..). Motorola is doing a pretty good job marketing their new handsets lately (the Droid ads were kinda cool..)and it’s actually the first time I see the MOTOBLUR UI in one of their TV ads (correct me if I’m wrong). Motorola Devour featuring Megan Fox in a bath tub:

    Check out more Motorola Devour videos here

    HTC China (Dopod) Roadmap leaked

    The pictrue above is supposedly from Dopod’s 2010 handset roadmap according to Androidcentral. As you can see the HTC Dragon is listed as the A6388 (see picture below) but with a 3.6″ screen instead of the 3.7″ panel found on the recently released Nexus One(which seems to be the same device but with a TV-Tuner?…) and is supposed to ship in Q2 2010. The other interesting info is the HTC Huashan(not to be confused with the HTC Huangshan) sporting a 4.3″ screen like the HD2 & HTC Supersonicbut with a still unknown OS (it’s listed as Android but as you can see it also says “Huashan OS change to WM to be confirmed”) and a Q4 2010 availability. Two other Android handset are also listed as “in planning”: the HTC Tiashan and HTC Songshan. Finally there’s one last Windows Mobile 6.5 device named the HTC Hengshan featuring a 3.4″ HVGA screen which is set to be launched in Q3 2010.
    It should be noted that this roadmap is a bit dated given that the HTC Qilin(listed as “in development”) is already available.

    Via: Androidcentral