Latest version of Google Maps adds pinch-to-zoom on the Motorola Droid

Looks like Google is finally ready to enable multi-touch support in all of its native Android application now that Steve Jobs has openly called them out a few days ago (According to him Google’s “Do no Evil” motto is BS..). The latest version of Google Maps (3.4.0) for Android enables pinch-to-zoom on the Motorola Droid. It’s not known yet if this new version enables this feature on other Android handsets. Hopefully all Android phones will receive an update similar to the one the Nexus One got a few days ago.

Official HTC HD2 extended battery pictures

Here are the first live pictures of the HTC HD2 extended battery. As you can see the real thing looks exactly like the previous render we’ve seen not long ago.

Battery Type: Li-Ion
Voltage: 3.7V
Manufacturer code: BA E400

The price is £41.11 ($64)

Source: via Coolsmartphone

Symbian is finally Open Source

As of today the Symbian mobile OS is finally open source and available for anyone. The best part is that it’s actually the latest version, Symbian^3 (which is also supposed to ship on upcoming Nokia handsets this year). According to the Symbian foundation Over 330 million Symbian devices have been shipped worldwide and 100 million are expected to ship in 2010 (keep in mind that Nokia has shipped 126 million phones in Q4 2010).


Read the FAQon the Symbian developer site.

Get started with the code.

And take a look at some interesting facts.

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