HTC Droid Eris soucre code released

Android developers should be happy to know that HTC has just released the source code for the HTC Droid Eris. HTC has also made available the source of the HTC Hero (Sprint version) and HTC Tattoo a couple of days ago.

Droid Eris by HTC (Verizon) 63.7 MB 2010/02/01 Download
HTC Tattoo Kernel Source Code 71.4 MB 2010/01/22 Download
HTC Hero (Sprint) Kernel Source Code 49.7 MB 2010/01/22 Download
HTC Hero Kernel Source Code 49.6 MB 2009/10/22 Download
HTC Magic Kernel Source Code 49.5 MB 2009/07/30 Download
HTC Dream Kernel Source Code 49.7 MB 2009/07/30 Download
HTC Proprietary Binaries for ADP1 188 KB 2009/07/30 Download

HTC’s developer website can be found here

Is the MyTouch2 aka MyTouch Slide the HTC Espresso ?

The HTC Espresso was at first rumored to be an HTC Hero with a sliding-keyboard, it was then thought that Espresso was maybe only the name of the new updated Sense UI on Android. Now it looks like it is indeed a new Android smartphone with a sliding keyboard according to the picture posted over at DroidDevelopers. Strangley the screen looks kinda small and the reflection suggest that it’s resistive instead of capacitive. It is apprently called the MyTouch2 or MyTouch Slide (headed to T-Mobile US).

Source: DroidDevelopers

Nokia N97 firmware update 21.0.045 released

Nokia has just made available a new firmware update for the N97 today. This new update is said to improve call reliability and enable smoother scrolling in menus. To update, plug your N97 in to your PC and launch Nokia Software Updater and then start updating. In other N97 news, Nokia has also released the N97 compatible version of the new OVi Maps navigation app a couple of days ago (simply open the Applications Folder, Software Update client and choose the new Ovi Maps from the list).

Source: Nokia