Foursquare for Windows Mobile finally available

Touchality (a Windows Mobile dev house) has just release the beta version of FourSquare for Windows Mobile handsets. The application is called WinMoSquare and all you have to do to get it is to submit you email here.

The app is only available for touch screen Windows phones today. The .NET Compact Framework v3.5 is a pre-requisite for you to be able to run the application on the phone. You’d also need a phone that runs either Windows Mobile 6.1 or a Windows Mobile 6.5.

Source: WinMoSquare via ArtificialIgnorance

Microsoft’s CFO hints at Windows Mobile 7 announcement at MWC

Microsoft‘s CFO Peter Klein was on Fox News a few hours ago and sort of confirmed that there’s goign to be some kind of Windows Mobile 7 unveiling/announcement/talk next month at MWC in Barcelona (start around 4mins into the video).

Fox News: “Are we going to see Windows 7 Mobile come out in 2010? What is your plans for that?”

Peter Klein: “We are heads down working on Windows Mobile 7 . We will have much more to say about that at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.”

Source: Fox News via WMPU

Windows Mobile 7 discussed last week in Canada

More Windows Mobile 7 news for the day folks (I told you Stephen was on a roll). Looks like Windows Mobile 7 was discussed last week during the CGA Ontario (Certified General Accountants of Ontario) event last week. As you can see Motorola is still in bed with Microsoft (they’ve stated a couple months ago that they are skipping WM6.5 and going straight to WM7). I’ve also speculated a little while ago that the Morotola Droid was probably a Windows Mobile 7 device at first…

Source: CGA-Ontario (pdf) via MSFTKitchen

Motorola working on a “Google” phone

Motorola’s CEO announced yesterday during the company’s earnings call that work is being done with Google to build an Android handset with similar to what HTC did with the Nexus One. The device will be sold directly to consumer on Google’s Phone store and bypass telcos. Motorola is alsao planning to launch 20 smartphones this year and according to what was said earlier they will probabbly all be powered by Google’s Android OS.

Source: TheStreet

Windows Mobile 7 still headed for a Spring RTM ?

Stephen is on a roll today, he just found another Windows Mobile 7 nugget, this time in a chinese Office 2010 presentation (from Microsoft). As you can see the same old concept screenshots are shown to demonstrate Office Mobile 2010 on WM7. The most important part is that the document is dated December 11 2010 which means tha Redmond is/was still hoping to RTM WM7 in a couple of months. You can check out another WM7 nugget here.

Source: Microsoft (pdf) via MSFTKitchen

Samsung Galaxy 2 rumored specs

According to several sources Samsung is about to announced their new Samsung Galaxy 2 Android smartphone next month at MWC. The specifications are rumored to be the following:

- 1 GHz Snapdragon
- 3.7 inch AMOLED touchscreen
- 5 MP camera
- 32 GB internal memory
- Android 2.1
- 3.5 mm jack
- and of course all the other goodies that make a decent smartphone, like GPS, WiFi and such.

Some people find it strange that Samsung would use a Qualcomm SnapDragon SoC given that they usually use their on ih-house chipsets sets. Well, samsung usually doesn’t really care about this kind of stuff as proved by their use of the nVidia Tegra APX in the YePP M1 PMP. The handset is said to be available in Q2 2010.

Source: Androidphones

Toshiba TG02 hits the FCC

Looks like the successor to the TG01 is right around the corner. The Toshiba TG02 just passed the FCC a couple of days ago. Still no word on the final specifications other than the radio bands supported by the handset (see picture above) but the handset was initially rumored to be a TG01 with a capacitive touchscreen (the TG01 has a resistive panel).

Source: FCC via Engadget

Windows Mobile 7 UX prototyping

Stephen over at MSFTKitchen just uncovered some juicy bit about Windows Mobile 7‘s UX Flow prototyping. After stumbling over this LinkedIn profile he decided to check out the guy’s personal website and found the following in his portfolio:

NDA dictates I keep this vague. For a leading cell platform I created UX flows of common controls and usages. After client review I created flash demos. Those demo’s were then reviewed and passed on to SectionSeven development to create interactive prototypes. This process allowed for very efficient UX development.

Nothing really exciting, but you just had your daily does of WM7 news, so don’t complain! ;)

Source: Ascendesign via MSFTKitchen

Nokia’s profits soars 64% in Q4 2009, gains smartphone market share

Here’s something that will hopefully make people realise that Nokia is still the number one phone manufacturer and that this won’t change soon. The company surprised the market when it announced better than expected Q4 2009. Nokia posted a net profit of 948 million euros (1.33 billion dollars), up 64 percent from a year earlier and also increased its smartphone market share from 35% to 40%. Total unit shipment for Q4 2009 was 126.9 million phones (just for comparison only 8.7 million iPhones were sold in Q4 2009). You can check out the full earnings report here.

Source: Nokia