HTC Supersonic (HTC A9292) render and Live picture

Here’s what looks like the first render (and live picture) of the upcoming HTC Supersonic (HTC A9292) WiMax smartphone headed to Sprint later this year. As you can see the device looks nearly indentical to the HTC HD2 (check our review here). The main difference here is the lack of physical buttons and the fact that the Supersonic runs Android 2.1 (with HTC’s Sense UI) and has a WiMax radio.
UPDATE: The SuperSonic is officially the HTC EVO 4G

Source: Andoidphones

HTC: Windows Mobile 7 will lead to more applications

According to HTC “the Nexus One will raise its global profile this year while the launch of Windows Mobile 7 will lead to the development of more apps for Microsoft phones.”  This is one more confirmation that Windows Mobile 7 is definitely coming out this year. The future of the company was discussed during the fourth quarter earnings presentation.

We continue to believe both Windows Mobile and Android offer unique experiences to different consumer segments in their respective ecosystems,[...]Our partnership with Google on the Nexus One shows our strength in innovation. It’s very good for our brand,

Got to agree with Peter Chou here, building Android devices was the best business decision HTC made this pas years.

The company has shipped a total of 11.7 million mobile phones in 2009 but no OS breakdown was provided.

Nokia’s Symbian OS led the smartphone OS pack last year, shipping in 75.8 million devices, according to market researcher IDC. The BlackBerry OS shipped on 34 million devices, while Apple’s Mac OS X shipped in just over 25 million iPhones. Around 18.3 million Windows Mobile-based handsets shipped in 2009, trailed by Android at 6 million.

Shipments of HTC-branded smartphones will rise 30 percent year-on-year in the first quarter, said HTC’s Chou. The first quarter last year was the weakest quarter of the year for HTC, mainly due to the global recession.

Source: Computer World

Zune services coming to Windows Mobile Soon?

Old Windows Mobile 7 concept shot

Microsoft pushed a new firmware update for the Zune HD today (version and it didn’t take long forIstartedsomething to dig into it to it to find some clues about what’s exactly new. Here’s what he has found in the USB INF file:

%Zune.DeviceDesc% = ZuneMTPZUSB, USB\MS_COMP_MTPZ
%Zune.DeviceDesc% = ZuneMTPZUSB, USB\VID_045E&PID_0710
%Zune.DeviceDesc% = ZuneMTPZUSB, USB\VID_045E&PID_063E
%Phone.DeviceDesc% = ZuneMTPZUSB, USB\VID_045E&PID_0640
%Phone.DeviceDesc% = ZuneMTPZUSB, USB\VID_045E&PID_0641
%Phone.DeviceDesc% = ZuneMTPZUSB, USB\VID_045E&PID_0642
%ZuneIp.DeviceDesc% = ZuneMTPZIP, umb\urn:microsoft-com:device:mtpz:1

; Localizable strings
Msft = “Microsoft”
Zune.DeviceDesc = “Zune”

Phone.DeviceDesc = “Phone”

Long believes that this confirms that a Zune phone is in the making, but given that it cleary says “Zune.Device” and “Phone.Device” (never “Zune.Phone” or “ZunePhone”) I will have to disagree with him here. To me it just looks like the Zune services are now probably finally implemented into Windows Mobile (7?). Let’s wait t’ill MWC next month..

Update: Here’s a list of Vendor IDs, as you can see Microsoft has tons of WinMo devices with IDs even-though they have never manufactured or sold one.

Source: IstartedSomething

7 new Android handsets coming from HTC

If the folowing User Agent profiles located on HTC’s MMS (server?) site are to be believed, HTC has no less than 7 Android handsets on the verge of being released:

HTC Espresso: QWERTY keyboard, 320×480 pixel display (here)

HTC Huangshan: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display (here)

HTC Liberty: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display (here)

HTC Halo: QWERTY keyboard version of the Tattoo (here)

HTC Paradise: QWERTY keyboard, 240×400 pixel display (here)

HTC Legend: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display (here)

HTC Supersonic: No physical keyboard, 480×800 pixel display (here)

Source: HTCmms via CellPassion

Microsoft pulls Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK

Remember the Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK posted only 2 days ago? According to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Dev team the whole thing wasn’t supposed to be released and was posted by mistake. They took it down and plan to re-release it later on:

With regards to 6.5 SDK, we prematurely released an untested SDK which was not ready. We pulled it so proper testing can be completed…. we’ll def make an official announce when the SDK is ready to go. Those responsible have been sent to the dungeons for execution. ;)

Source: Twitter