New HTC Legend render

The boys at just posted a new redner of HTC‘s upcoming Android handset, the Legend. This new render shows the new aluminum color (the device will be sold in different colors I guess) and the volume rocker (with engraved +&-). Check out the previous render here


New HTC HD2 ROM released: 1.66.707.1

HTC has just released a new Rom for the HTC HD2 but it currently only available on the South-Asia support site. Not much is known about it yet other than:

Improved Functions:

Keeping in touch has always been very important, and this update delivers fast and reliable SMS messaging.

I’m not holding my breath here, especially given that it has already been demonstrated that the bug doesn’t only affect the SMS function of the device (see here please). I will update this post ass soon a the ROM is made available in other parts of the world.

Source: HTC

Garmin-Asus M10 announced and available for pre-order

Gamrin-Asus jumped the gun and announced the M10 before MWC. The Garmin-Asus M10is the first officially announced Windows Mobile 6.5.3(Maldives) smartphone. As you can see in the specs sheet below, the devices, packs a Qualcomm MSM 7227 @600MHZ, 512Mb of Ram & 512Mb of ROM, 4Gb of internal storage and a MicroSD slot. The 3.5″ WVGA touchscreen is said to be resistive. the whole package also includes a car-holder as is priced at 13,900 TWD ($435).

Source: Garmin-Asus via Engadget

Windows Mobile 7 rumors won’t stop

Digitimes is at it again.This time contradicting their previous rumors by claiming that their sources are indicating a September 2010 availability for OEMs and Q4 2010 launch on the market etc.. My guess is that they just made this up based on all the latest Windows Mobile 7 rumors floating around lately…Windows Mobile 7 will never ship in Q4 2010 if OEMs only get it in September. Fact is that OEMs already have WM7 as proven by the info found in the latest HTC HD2 Sense/Manila scripts and here’swhere they got the “lack of Asian language” support rumor/info.

Source: Digitimes

Official HTC HD2 extended battery comes with a kickstand

The picture above is a render of the official extended battery (HTC-EBATHD2) for the HTC HD2. Frankly it doesn’t look that bad and as you can see the new cover integrates a kickstand (useful if you like watching movies). The only downside is the actual price, according to online retailer Clove this thing will set you back £58 ($93!) when it is finally available next month.

Source: Clove & AreaMobile via WMPoweruser