Windows Mobile 7 session at MIX 2010 announced

Enough with the rumors ans speculations, here are some real facts. A Windows Phone session has been announced at MIX10:

Yes, at MIX10 you’ll learn about developing applications and games for the next generation of Windows Phone. Yes, we’ll have Phone sessions, and we can’t say more…yet. Stay tuned and check back often or join the MIX mailing list.

Windows Mobile 7…

Source: MIX2010

  • Marc

    Finally some real news!

  • skeptiJax

    Hey I’m sorry I’m new here, and skeptical. For starters, who is drsmith? Secondly, if it IS going to be there, does that mean it’s debuting there, or is it possibly going to be shown in Feb? Thanks all.

  • M. Daou

    I’m guessing that DrSmith is MS’s Admin who updates’ theMIX10 website. It will probably be anounced at MWC next month (or maybe not..) but it wil HAVE to be announced before MIX10 that’s for sure (they can’t just have sessions related to a un-announced product).