Windows Mobile 7 rumor madness

We are reaching new highs folks (or lows depending on how you look at it). Jefferies analyst Katherine Egbert just made up a nice Windows Mobile 7 rumor (looks like a new trend lately). According to her latest report Microsoft will announce a Zune Phone (similar to Google’s Nexus One) running WM7 during MWC or CTIA.

in a research note that “recent industry checks” indicate Microsoft will do just that within the next two months – fulfilling years of speculation about a secretive effort known as Project Pink to develop a Microsoft branded handset. Egbert thinks the phone will debut either at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 15-18, or at the CTIA show in Las Vegas a month later.

Egbert says the company is “partnering with a few OEM manufacturers” to create a Zune-like phone which will have 720 HD video capability and at least a 5 MP camera. She says the OEM deals will be similar to HTC’s arrangement to build the Nexus One phone for Google (GOOG).

Egbert says the Pink/Zune phone will be based on Windows Mobile 7, and that the long-awaited OS could be made available at the same time.

The analyst adds that Windows Mobile 7 will include “premium mobile services,” including a Zune video store and music subscription and purchasing services. The interface will “likely be similar” to the ZuneHD UI, “and could include social networking apps like Xbox Live, Facebook and Twitter,” she writes.

Hold on a second. Didn’t she just copy/paste all the recent WM7 stories and mixed them all together to pull this one out? Meh…

Source: Barrons