HTC takes down latest HD2 SMS Hotfix

It is starting to look like HTC can seem to fix the dreaded SMS-stuck-in-outbox bug on the HTC HD2.The latest Hotfix released a couple of days ago has vanished from HTC’s support site (just like the first one). The latest patch did fix the slow loading bug in the messaging app but the stuck in outbox bug was still present (the first patch didn’t do anything at all). Worst of all, the latest hoxtfix can’t even be un-installed(!). One has to wonder what is going because it has already be proven that the bug is related to HTC’s messaging application/Manila (the bug can be bypassed by using the native WinMo SMS application). One thing I noticed is that when my SMS gets stuck the pinch-zoom feature no longer works in native WinMo apps (see the bug listed here ) which seem to suggest that the SMS bug, the Zoom bug & the Volume Overlay bug are in some way related to each other (Manila.exe memory leak?).

Can you guys try to see if you experience the same problem. Does the pinch-to-zoom feature still work in WinMo’s File Explorer when your SMS gets stuck in the outbox ?

Update: I can confirm that all those issues seem to have some kind of relationship (memory leak? service crash?). The SMS stuck in the outbox isn’t the cause of the problem but a consequence. When pinch-to-zoom no longer works in native apps or volume overlay in the music and HTC Album apps the SMS gets stuck and the Alarms no longer work correctly either. It’s starting to look like there’s some kind of memory leak or a service is crash in the background.

New OpnMarket appstore for Windows Mobile launched just launched a full blown application store client for Windows Mobile devices today. The OpnMarket store lets you download and install free applications on your Windows Phone and is a good way to grab the latest goodies instead of crawling through endless forum threads daily to find some new .CAB files. Just head over here to download the client and for more info.

Instant free downloads for your Windows Mobile phone,
enjoy installing applications directly on your device !
- Showcase brings you the latest and most popular free apps
- Categories, browse thousands of organized apps
- Search for freeware
- My Apps lets you get updates for your previously installed apps
OpnMarket is compatible with most of the Windows Mobile Professional devices with touch-screens, once installed it lets you browse, download and install FREE applications directly on your device. OpnMarket will use you mobile network connection or a WiFi connection to download softwares to your phone. It’s simple, instant and FREE !

Source: OpnMarket thanks for the tip Matt

Google’s Nexus One Media Gallery application developed by Cooliris

The new Media Gallery on the Nexus One looked somewhat familiar, so I decided to do a search and quickly found out that it was developed by Cooliris. I’m probably late on this one but did Google say anything about it during the Nexus One launch? I find it “interesting” that the one application (on the Nexus One) that everybody raves about isn’t even develped by Google. I wonder if HTC will keep in their Android 2.1 handser laoded with the Sense UI. Check out the full Press Release here (pdf) and some info about the app here. Cooliris is also available for free on the iPhone.

Motorola MOTOROI (XT720) Android phone launched in South Korea

Remember those Motorola Sholes Tablet pictures we saw a couple of weeks ago? Well, it now looks like the device is called the MOTOROI (XT720) and it is launching in South Korea’s SK Telecom today. The MOTOROI is also the first Android smartphone to pack an 8Mpix camera capable of capturing 720P videos and outputting them thourgh its HDMI connector. The handset is running Android 2.0, has 8GB of internal memory and a 3.7″ WVGA capacitive touchscreen coupled with a T-DMB TV tuner.

Check the Press Release here

Here’s a short hands on video:

Source: Motorola

HTC Supersonic (A9292) Sprint WiMax Android handset details

A tipster has given Engadget some news details about the HTC A9292 Sprint WiMax we reported about a few days ago. According to him the HTC SuperSonic has a similar design (slim with 4.3″ TFT screeen) to the Windows Mobile powered HD2 but is running Android 2.1 with HTC’s Sense UI on top of it. It has also got a kickstand on the back like the HTC Imagio and the pre-productions handset womes in white. The devices is probably powered by a Qualcomm SnapDragon SOC (the tipster couldn’t confirm it). Release date is still unkown though.

Source: Engadget