Windows Mobile 7 rumors getting out-of hand

It’s starting to look like everybody’s trying to jump into the Windows Mobile 7 rumor bandwagon lately. This time it’s Eldar Murtazin from Mobile-review in Russia who is claiming (via twitter) to have had a hands-on with Microsoft’s upcoming OS. Frankly everything he said sounds shady as hell (and he always had one of the worst track record when it comes to WinMo, he for example claimed that it was based on the Windows 7 kernel at first and then back to WinCE and that development was “stopped” last year…). He goes on to say that WM7 isn’t compatible with previous WM apps (which is quite possible), that the UI is in someways similar to the Zune HD’s but then says that it also looks like the early WM7 mockups we have seen (they don’t look like the Zune HD UI at all so.. WTH?). He then claims that it won’t be out this year (even thought we have LG who, as recently as yesterday supposedly said that they will have a WM7 phone in September 2010). He then claims that those early WM7 mock ups we saw back in January 2008 are WM6.5 mock-ups (again WTH? The first page of the document has the Windows Mobile 7 logo that you can see at the top of this news and WM6.5 didn’t even exist & wasn’t on the roadmap back in 2007!). Finally, according to Eldar, WM7 is a pale copy of Android 3.1/3.2 and the iPhone (so I guess he also had the chance to play with the future iPhone OS and Android 3.X ?)

Check out the whole thing here:

@freyberry event do not have any clue. Think 7 will be show in secret rooms for sure as a promise for partners (vendors, carriers, retail) about 8 hours ago
@dawidgatti who cares? i’m not MS employee about 8 hours ago
@freyberry then yes – copy etc working in such style about 8 hours ago
@freyberry yes for soft keys – long click? do not understand it – think no about 8 hours ago
@freyberry and feel of UI is the same in some way. it’s all about UI about 8 hours ago
@freyberry Ohh it was called in 2007 Ruby (6.5) but never released, only pics. I saw it in the past on closed MS presentation. about 8 hours ago
@freyberry could you provide me link to screenshots? about 8 hours ago
@dawidgatti they could create something tottale new (and they did it). but call it – windows mobile? for what reason? about 8 hours ago
@Wishmaster89 try to catch up – but build from a scratch about 8 hours ago
@freyberry dont know about that. Zune HD is more simple UI about 8 hours ago
@Wishmaster89 for WM users it will be a great step ahead. For market it’s copycat of Android 3.1/3.2 or iPhone about 8 hours ago
@SymbianLifeBlog dont think that this year, or they have secret stable version inside MS otherwise (do not believe in it) about 8 hours ago
@Onore2108 ?????? ???????????? ???-?? about 8 hours ago
@freyberry hmmm – not playing, but try it for some time about 8 hours ago
@Wishmaster89 a lot of horizontal movements, a lot of additional info by clicks etc about 8 hours ago
@tree4eco no – you have to unlock screen, push Phone app, then push name in list. one additional click (Phone app) about 9 hours ago
@drumm2k unfortunatelly i talking about MOBILE 7 :) about 9 hours ago
@SymbianLifeBlog long way to develop i think about 9 hours ago
@SymbianLifeBlog too earlier to say, one of the first build, without most features about 9 hours ago
Hate Windows Mobile 7. No apps from previous versions of WM working here. Not compatible at all. Couldnt do anything. Grrrr about 9 hours ago

Remember Eldar’s totally made up story about the Nexus One..

Source: Twitter

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