Advanced Anti-Piracy Protection in the Windows Marketpkace for Mobile

Microsoft just posted a blog post talking about the advanced Anti-Piracy protection that can be build into the applications sold in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Advanced Anti-Piracy Protection (AAPP) is designed to thwart the illegitimate sharing of your Windows phone applications. Even if a hacker obtains the binaries from one device, AAPP will prevent that application from running on any other device. While Standard Anti-Piracy protection does not require any intervention by the developer, AAPP does require that you integrate code into your application. We will walk through how AAPP works, how you obtain the AAPP code from Microsoft and how to integrate the AAPP code into your application.

You can read the whole post which contains code and in-depth information on how to implement AAPP here.

Source: Windows Mobile Developer Blog