Motorola Shadow render?

This one doesn’t look like the one we saw a couple days ago and may be a fake render. Assuming this is a real design nobody knows if it’s running Android or Windows Mobile.


?????Droid/Milestone(????) ????????????.

*Nexus 2?????..??????????


It looks like now MOTO industrial design departments each other up.

Completely different from the Droid/Milestone metal cold black fuselage
The fashion Edition of Droid/Milestone (there ‘s) use of color and design to appeared quite daring.
Qwerty keyboard layout. redesigned and original Milestone on the jaw is much demonstration >>> ceiling decoration hole.
I hear the same specifications to Droid/Milestone.
Looks very charming .. Many of these cases do you think?

* There is a Nexus 2 keyboard .. This will be the one you image?

Source: Mobile01 via Engadget

Google Nexus One vs Samsung Omnia II: Camera quality

Here’s an interesting comparizon between the Google Nexus One and the Samung Omnia II. CareAce compared the camera on the two devices. In the first video below you will how the Camera software works on the Omnia II and the Nexus One:

They also posted a couple of pictures taken with the two handset and 2 video samples. Just head over here to check them all out.

In general, the Omnia II produces a brighter and warmer color scheme, while the Nexus One’s image are relatively clearer and sharper.

Source: CareAce

Advanced Anti-Piracy Protection in the Windows Marketpkace for Mobile

Microsoft just posted a blog post talking about the advanced Anti-Piracy protection that can be build into the applications sold in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Advanced Anti-Piracy Protection (AAPP) is designed to thwart the illegitimate sharing of your Windows phone applications. Even if a hacker obtains the binaries from one device, AAPP will prevent that application from running on any other device. While Standard Anti-Piracy protection does not require any intervention by the developer, AAPP does require that you integrate code into your application. We will walk through how AAPP works, how you obtain the AAPP code from Microsoft and how to integrate the AAPP code into your application.

You can read the whole post which contains code and in-depth information on how to implement AAPP here.

Source: Windows Mobile Developer Blog

Windows Mobile 7 headed to the US in September 2010 according to LG

Here’s the latest Windows Mobile 7 rumor of the week. Looks like French blogeur @Pressecitron twitted something he wasn’t supposed to and had to delete it afterwards, but thanks to Google chache we still have the goods:

According to him LG announced during a brainstorming session at their Design Labs a few hours ago that the companyis going to ship a Windows Mobile 7 smartphone in September (in the US) and an Android 2.1 handset in April. Last week LG also “announced” that WM7 will indeed launch in 2010.

Source: Google Cache via WMPU

Google Nexus One software tour videos

Here are two software walkthrough videos of the Google Nexus One done by my man Brandon at Pocketnow. As you can see Android 2.1 is on par with Windows Mobile in terms of functionalities (and sometimes better thanks to the Voice Command features) but has that little polished UI touch that Microsoft‘s OS is still lacking.

Homescreen tour:

Applications tour:

Source: Pocketnow

Nokia submits Symbian^4 UI proposal

Nokia posted the Symbian^4 UI proposal today and is actually seeking feedback from the Symbian open community. The document highlights the new UI changes (they look similar to what we saw last month) and even goes on to compare some of its element and features with competing platforms like Android and the iPhone. The other important point is that this new UI framework is build in Qt, replacing the current S60 Avkon UI framework. This is IMO a step in the right direction and shows that Symbian is really “open” unlike Android. you can check the whole document (pdf) here.

Source: Symbian blog

Microsoft denies Windows Mobile 7 talk at CES

It looks like Microsoft isn’t too happy about all the “MWC Windows Mobile 7 announcement” rumors popping up all over the net lately and would like to lower peoples exceptions. A Microsoft spokesperson contacted BetaNews today to ask them to reiterate that, while they were given an overview of the direction of Windows Mobile, Microsoft Senior Marketing Manager Greg Sullivan wasn’t talking about Windows Mobile 7. Everybody should keep in mind that Steve Ballmer never mention WM7 during his CES Keynote, neither did Robbie Bach during the Financial Analysts webcast. Don’t be surprised if the only product announcement during MWC is Windows Mobile 6.6 (or WM6.5.3 whatever they want to call it) and a overview of where Microsoft is heading in the mobile market with some quick WM7 unveiling/teaser.. Yes it’s disappointing but Microsoft could leave the big announcement for their own event the next month (MIX2010) or setup a special Windows Phone event close to the launch to the next generation iPhone announcement (May/June). Anyway, it’s all speculation at this point so lets wait patiently and see how it unfolds.

Source: Betanews