New Xperia X10 camera samples

It’s been a while since we saw the first sample pictures shot with the Xperia X10′s 8.1Mpix camera. Today posted a couple of news ones that will probably make you think twice before buying a Newus One. Looks like Sony Ericsson did a pretty good job with the camera sensor and lens. Head over here to check the whole gallery.


T-Mobile Touch Pro2 & Dash 3G Windows Mobile 6.5 update released

US T-Mobile user should be happy to know that the Windows Mobile 6.5 update for the HTC Touch Pro2 and Dash 3G that were initially scheduled to be launch on Juanuary 20th are now available through HTC’s support site. Just head over here and enter your IMEI number to download the file.

Source: HTC via Tmonews

More “Windows Mobile 7 at MWC” rumors

More Windows Mobile 7 rumors flying around lately. This time from Bloomberg who supposedly heard from a tipster that Microsoft is set to announce and demo WM7 during MWC next month:

Microsoft Corp. plans to unveil its new mobile-phone operating system next month, a bid to reverse market share losses to Google Inc. and Apple Inc., according to a person familiar with the matter.

The company may use the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to demonstrate the new software, called Windows Mobile 7, said the person, who didn’t want to be identified because the plans are confidential. The decision isn’t final, the person said.

Frankly Bloomberg could have made this story up basing it on all the latest rumors/hints we’ve heard these past weeks.

Source: Bloomberg

Access NetFront 4.0 browser concept version released

Access has just made available the Concept version (alpha?) of their latest NetFront 4.0 browser for Windows Mobile. I just tested it on the HTC HD2 and frankly it’s totally useless right now.There’s new UI; web pages aren’t rendered correctly, panning is slow etc. Just head over here if you want to try it for yourself.

source: Access

Second Nokia N900 OTA update released

Hot on the heels of the minor update released two days ago here comes the first major software update for the Nokia N900. The 2.2009.51-1 firmware is around 90MB and can be download OTA or on your PC (then use Nokia’s Software Updater to install it on the device). Here’s what’s new:

First up is support for the Swiss keymat variant with hardware and virtual keyboard layouts supporting the combination of German, Italian and English characters. We’ll also see full compatibility with certain SIM cards from network operator 3. Although only a small number of SIM cards were impacted at the time, this release means the N900 is now fully compatible with 3 SIM cards.

Mail for Exchange also sees an update which will it allow it to work with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. This should bring the possibility of Exchange integration to a much broader group of users.

Ovi Maps also gets the update treatment, with improvements made to search performance and route calculation. Beyond these major changes come a range of smaller usability improvements which have been worked into the release and are based on the excellent user feedback the team have received (keep it coming).

Source: Nokia

Windows Mobile 6.5 coming to Sprint’s HTC Touch Pro2 in Q1 2010

Sprint just announced that a Windows Mobile 6.5 update to their HTC Touch Pro2 should be available before the end of Q1 2010.

Sprint and HTC are currently developing a release of Windows Mobile 6.5 for the HTC Touch Pro2 that is expected to be available to customers by end of first quarter, 2010. This upgrade will not only provide updates to the Windows Mobile platform, but also significant enhancements to the Touch Pro2 user interface which will allow additional customization/personalization options and more integration with the applications users access most.

One has to wonder why it is taking this long though (every other carrier in the world has already released a WM6.5 rom for the TP2).

Source: Sprint

HTC releases 2016 SMS Timestamp Bug HOTFIX for Sprint handsets

HTC has finally fixed the 2016 SMS Timestamp bug affecting several Windows Mobile devices on Sprint‘s network. You can download the Touch Pro2 fix here, Touch Pro fix here and finally the Touch Diamond fix here.

Source: HTC Thanks for the tip JD

Enable Portrait mode in the Nokia N900 browser

So far only two application on the Nokia N900 can run in portrait mode: the phone dialer and the photo album (unless you encounter this software glitch). Things have changed thanks to who found out how to enable it in the browser. To enable portrait mode just launch the browser and press CTRL-SHIFT-O on the keyboard:

The feature will stilll be enbabled even after rebooting the device, just press the three keys again to disable it.

Source: TheNokiaBlog