Verizon Omnia II (SCH-i920) update released

Verizon released a new upadte for their Samsung Omnia II (SCH-920) Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone last week. Users are reporting slightly improved performance in the TouchWiz UI (less lag). To upgrade your device just head over to Verizon’s support page here. But don’t use Windows 7! The phone can only be upgrade from XP or Vista PCs!

Source: Samsung via CareAce via Pocketnow

Windows Mobile 6.6 to launch at MWC ?

Here’s a new Windows Mobile rumor (or FUD?) for the day. According to Digitimes, Microsoft is set to launch Windows Mobile 6.6 (a renamed WM 6.5.3/5 ?) at Mobile World Congress next month. I’m personally not sure if it will called 6.6 but it’s highly probable that an updated version off WM6.5 is indeed launching soon. Digitmes then concludes that Windows Mobile 7 is probably going to be delayed t’ill 2011 because of this. Sure… Last time I checked Microsoft already said that WM7 will be aimed at higher end device and WM6.X for the low/midrange-devices like the HTC Trophy & Photon (with the two OSes on the market at the same time).  Releasing updates to WM6.X doesn’t mean delaying WM7.

Microsoft reportedly plans to launch Windows Mobile 6.6 (codenamed Maldives) in February 2010 to strengthen its competitiveness against iPhone- and Android-based platforms, according to industry sources.

Sales of Windows Mobile 6.5 have been flat since the platform was launched in the fourth quarter of 2009, pushing Microsoft to bring forward Windows Mobile 6.6, which supports capacitive touchscreens, the sources noted.

However, Microsoft may now delay the launch of Windows Mobile 7 to 2011, instead of the end of 2010 as originally planned, the sources indicated.

 It was initialy rumored that Maldives was the name of the Beta version of WM7, but AFAIK it’s actually WM6.5.X (checked the leaked ROMS).

Only time will tell…

Source: Digitimes

New HTC HD2 SMS HOTFIX released

HTC finally released a new SMS HOTFIX for the HTC HD2 today. Let’s hope that this one will work unlike the previous patch released a month ago. I’m going to try it right now and report if it works or not.

This update for HTC HD2 messaging lets you reach out to your friends and family with instant notifications. Keeping in touch has always been very important, and this update delivers just that: fast and reliable SMS messaging.

Installation Instructions:

Note: This update is only applicable to ROM version is equal to 1.66.XXX.X, or lower.

You can download it here

Hopefully HTC will also fix the other bugs too.

Resco Explorer 2010 Beta 3 released

Hot on the heels of the Beta 2 here comes the Resco Explorer Beta:

After fixing some bugs (mainly related to showing icons), we have also added some new features as:

New Today Plugin (if the Contact’s Manager’s Today plugin is used, the Explorer’s one will integrate in it
Upload to MySpace (only small pictures as Explorer has no editing functionality and cannot resize the original one) and Photo Bucked added

This Beta 3 version will expire at the end of the January and the final version will be released within next 2 weeks.

You can grab the exe here

Don’t forget to check out Resco Photo Manager 7.

Source: Resco

Google Nexus One vs iPhone 3GS video comparison

Wonder how the mighty Google Nexus One fairs against the iPhone 3GS? Well here are two comparison videos of the two devices in action done by the boys at TechnoBuffalo. The Nexus One is in my opinion superior to the in everything other than web browsing where the iPhone 3GS is still the best.
Round 1:

Round 2:

Source: YouTube

Google Nexus One vs Motorola Droid video

Here’s quick video comparison of the Google Nexus one and the Motorola Droid. Obviously there’s nothing really exciting other than the fact that the Nexus one is a bit faster than the Droid thanks to the faster processor (and the 512Mb of RAM). Remember that the Droid will receive an upgrade to Android 2.1pretty soon so all you Moto fans should be happy.

Source: YouTube via Solopalmari

Microsoft Game Studios seeking Senior Manager for Xbox Live Mobile team

Here’s another confirmation that Microsoft is getting serious about mobile gaming on Windows Phones / Windows Mobile. Check out this job ad for a Senior Manager for Microsoft’s Game Studios Live Mobile Team:

Job Category: Software Engineering: Program Management
Location: United States, WA, Redmond
Job ID: 709433
Product: Xbox Gaming
Division: Entertainment & Devices Division
You are an experienced game industry professional and an effective manager and communicator. As a senior member of the MGS LIVE mobile team, you understand and contribute to overall group goals, as well as oversee the development and design requirements that inform each product. You excel at a strategic level, adapting, inventing and sourcing the best games/IP from third parties to serve our target consumers, but you are also able to operate effectively at a tactical level, driving concepts through from the approval process and development to launch.
Own production of mobile games once they are approved for development or publishing, including project budget, schedule and resources.
Identify and lead external development teams, including artists and other production resources to project completion.
Liaise and work closely with internal cross-departmental teams to drive alignment, support and focus, including Test/QA, Platform, Marketing and LIVE Business teams
Develop and maintain strong relationships with industry leading developers, licensors, and distribution partners.
Develop the right processes, by working effectively with the cross-functional departments and executive management.
Source ideas and draft proposals consisting of concept docs, development plans, product plans, and schedules.
Excellent analytical, facilitation and organizational skills required.
5+ years of game production experience at the Producer level; game design experience is a plus.
Handheld or mobile experience is a plus….

For similar and more explicit jobs ads I’ve found a couple months ago click here

Job Ad: Microsoft