Qualcomm working on ARMv7 support for Windows Mobile 7

Here’s a nice piece of info found by WMPoweruser regarding ARMv7 CPU (Cortex-A8) support in Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Mobile 7 OS. As I’ve previsouly told you in my HTC HD2 review, the current version of Windows Mobile (6.X) is still based on the WinCE 5.2 kernell which doesn’t fully take advantage of the ARMv6 (found in ARM11 chipset like the MSM72XX) and ARMv7 (Cortex-A8 chipset like the SnapDragon‘s Scorpion CPU and TI-OMAP 3430) architectures and doesn’t enable support for Floating Point Units. As you can see below, work is being done to make Windows Mobile 7 ready for this architecture :

Senior Engineer
Qualcomm, Raleigh, NC
• Enablement and bring up of Windows Mobile 7 (for Smart phones) on
chipsets with the scorpion processor, which have ARMv7 architecture.
• Software development on bootloader, kernel OEM abstraction layer,
modem interface, and various drivers and features.

Source: Google Docs via WMPoweruser