Zune HD to get XviD support in next Firmware update


According to CNet’s Donald Bell Microsoft is planning to add XviD ( MPEG-4 part 2 Advanced Simple Profile ) video support to the Zune HD in the upcoming Firmware update scheduled to launch this spring. Zune’s SmartDJ feature will also be part of the firmware and Microsoft re-assured him that the Facebook application is going to be launched early this year.

Source: CNet

New version of Windows Live for Windows Mobile released

Microsoft has quitly released a new version of Windows Live for Windows Phones 3 days ago. Unfortunitely there’s no changelog but the application version went from 10.7.0057.802 to 10.7.0061.0500. The new version isn’t availalbe yet in the MarkePlace so you’ll have to head over here to grab it.

Source Microsoft via Liveside

Xbox Live Games headed to Windows Mobile

Here’s some nice confirmation of what I’ve found out a not long ago. The picture above is straight from an internal Microsoft marketing doc dated December 2009 according to Kotaku. I guess that we will have to wait until Windows Mobile 7 is announced to get more info.

Source: Kotaku thanks for the tip Gully

Google Nexus One suffering from 3G connectivity problems

Looks like the mighty Nexus One has some spotty 3G connectivity problems according to a whole bunch of T-Mobile users who are flooding Google’s support forums. The problem reported seems to affect the cellular radio/antenna of the device: it doesn’t switch to 3G, or it constantly goes from Edge to 3G for no apparent reason even-though other phones with the same SIM work perfectly in the same spot. Strangely this sounds like one of the problems I’ve talked about in my HTC HD2 review and is one of the 6 main bugs HTC has to fix on the HD2. Are HTC’s SnapDragon devices suffering from some bad cellular radios/antenna (many HD2 users have reported bad cellular reception with their new devices)?

Source: Google Nexus One Forums

HTC HD2 now available on Virgin mobile and O2 UK

The HTC HD2 has been available on O2 UK for a little while but only in retail shops. It looks like it is now finally up on O2′s website here.

UK’s Virgin Mobile is also now offering the HD2 on their website here for £75 with £25p/m on an 18 month contract (500mins talk & unlimited Text & Data) or you can get it for free if you if you tadre in you current phone and/or get a 24months contract.

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Source: O2 UK & Virgin via Coolsmartphone