LG eXpo UI & software video tour

The boys are Pocketnow just uploaded a UI & Software walk through video of the LG Expo GW820. You’ll see the sort of “lite” version of LG’s S-Class UI that’s sitting on top of Windows Mobile 6.5 and other customization added to the phone.

Source: Pocketnow

Video of Windows Mobile 6.5.3 on the Toshiba TG01

As it was reported yesterday a couple of devices are running Windows Mobile 6.5.3 have been spotted at Microsoft’s CES booth. PhoneScoop did a short video of the TG01 featuring Microsoft’s latest updates to the OS. Unfortunately there’s a whole lot of mistakes in the video; the on-screen keyboard is not the default one but Toshiba’s, the the top status bar doesn’t get swyped to appear but only has to be tapped etc…

Source: YouTube

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 pushed back to summer 2010 in the US?

According to Pocketnow, Sony Ericsson is pushing the back the release of the Xperia X2 as is only expected to launch it this summer.

I was able to shake loose from a Sony rep. Apparently the X2, which has been recently dumped from Vodafone’s future line up, will be sold unlocked starting this summer at Sony Style stores. The unlocked version will work on AT&T 3G, but probably not T-Mobile. No word on price, but a $500-$600 range makes sense.

I’m sure that this is only related to the US launch date. THe X2 is already availalbe in the UK here eventhough it has been dropped by Vodafone this week.

Source: Pocketnow