Robbie Bach talks Zune services and Windows Mobile

Microsoft’s Robbie Bach was once again quizzed about the future of Windows Mobile and Zune (along with Xbox) this time by the FinancialPost.

Here’s Bach talking about the new Windows Mobile 7 chassis we’ve all heard about:

Q Windows Mobile phones look nice, but you don’t have much control or influence over the hardware. Isn’t one of the reasons the iPhone is so successful is that Apple controls both the ecosystem and the hardware?

A You have a dichotomy: choice versus control. When you go out and look at the wall of PCs, part of what makes that wall of PCs is that the [manufacturers] have the freedom to create what they want to create and that choice is tremendously valuable to consumers. The reason it works in the PC space is because early on we did choose to exercise some management of what makes a PC, and there are standards that were developed – largely by us – but with some other people, and so Windows 7 works great on lots of devices. I will tell you if there’s a place where we haven’t done as good work is in the mobile space. We’ve been, in a way, too focused on how many devices we could have and not focused enough on making sure that the base quality of those devices is very strong. So one of the things we are working on with our [manufacturing] partners is ensuring that those experiences are consistent and work great and that the base line that you start with is always rock solid.

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Intel Moorestown powered LG GW990 unveiled

Here’s what looks like one of the most interesting devices unveiled at this years CES. The LG GW990 unlike the majority of smartphone/MID isn’t powered by an ARM processor but by an Intel Moorestown (X86) CPU running the Moblin Linux OS. The GW990 is choke-full of hardware goodness:

- Intel Moorestown CPU
-16Gb of internal memoy
- 512 Mb of Ram
- 4.8inch 1020×480 capacitive touchscreen
- HDMI output
- MicroSD card slot
- 1850mha battery
- 5 mpix camera with led flash
- Wifi, BT, aGPS etc..

THe GW990 also pocks LG’s S-Class UI as you can see in the video below:

Source: Engadget

Another Google Nexus One review

Look at what we got here, Gizmodo’s review of the Google / HTC Nexus One and it is un-surprisignly positive. Well, given that it’s neither a Windows Mobile or Nokia device you didn’t really expect them to trash it, right?

The camera app loads up a lot faster than on the Droid, and shoots a lot faster than the Droid’s camera—but the image quality is similarly mediocre. Compared to HTC’s earlier Windows Mobile phones, whose cameras were passably bad, the Nexus One’s 5-megapixel camera is quite good, even if it doesn’t have the iPhone’s touch-to-focus.

iPhone’s touch-to-focus? Little reminder folks, the first smartphone to feature touch-to-focus was the Sony Ericssion Xperia X1 (WM6.1) followed by all the WinMo HTC devices (HTC Touch HD, Diamond2, TouchPro2, HD2…)

Don’t forget to check out their so called HTC HD2 “review” for a good laugh.

Source: Gizmodo

Windows Mobile 6.5.3 spotted at CES

The boys at Neowin spotted a couple of smartphones running Windows Mobile 6.5.3 at Microsoft’s CES booth. As you can see in the pictures, it’s the Toshiba TG01 and the Pharos Traveller 137 GPS. We still don’t know when Microsoft is going to officially released the updated OS and if OEMs like HTC are going to offer it (and skin the new ugly soft buttons!). More news at MWC I guess.

Source: Neowin