Half of LG's smartphone to be Android powered

Here’s another confusing/conflicting statement from LG. According to the Korean Herald, LG’s CEO Nam Yong said:

Nam said Android would be a mainstream operating system for the No. 3 handset maker, although the company will still offer Windows Mobile models.

About half of its new smartphones will be powered by Android, he added.

Seems like the boys at LG can’t make up their minds. Last time I checked, LG and Microsoft signed the following deal last year:

As part of the agreement, LG will make Windows its primary operating system for its smartphones and will increase both the number of Windows® phones in its portfolio and the total volume of Windows® phones it distributes. This will create a tenfold increase in the volume of Windows® phones available from LG in 2009 and bring up to 26 new Windows® phones to market in 2012 alone. Overall, the agreement can result in more than 50 new LG Windows® phones.

Then LG went on to announce the LG GW620 Android phone and an upcoming SnapDragon based Android smartphone.
We also know that several LG – Microsoft Teams are working on WM7 devices (see here & here) and that LG didn’t mention Android during their CES Press event and only said that Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Mobile 7 smartphones are going to be launched in 2010 and that the company is shifting its focus from featurephones to smartphones…


Source: Korean Herald & here