Windows Mobile announcements expected at MWC in February

This is nothing new, but it has been confirmed by Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Robie Bach that the next wave of Windows Mobile news will come during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. Will it be Windows Mobile 7 or just Windows Mobile 6.5.3 ? We already know that MS is expected to talk about WM7 during MIX 2010 in March which means that something about the new mobile OS will have to be said before this event unless announcement will take place there. Here’s what Bach had to say to Cnet’s Ina Fried:

Question: When are you guys going to play catch up? Where are things with Windows Mobile 7?
Bach: At this show, the one thing we will be talking about is a new HTC phone called the HD2, which is a very cool, capacitive device (the first capacitive Windows mobile device). I think that’s going to be very exciting and continue to build our momentum on Windows phones. Then the next wave of news will come at Mobile World Congress, which is in Barcelona in February.

What’s interesting though is that the T-Mobile HTC HD2 press release never mentions Windows Mobile 6.5 (only Windows Phone), now let’s think a little bit about this for a minute:

1) T-Mo’s HD2 will be available in Spring (March-May) and WM7 is supposedly headed for release a few month later (Fall).
2) We have seen several hints about WM7 running on the HD2 recently
3) Not a single word about WM6.5 in T-Mobile/HTC HD2 press release
4) The HTC HD2 is the only Windows Mobile device currently manufactured that meats the WM7 Chassis 1 specs.

Does this mean that the HTC HD2 will be upgradable to WM7 at the end of the year ?