HTC HD2 HardSPL finally available

HTC HD2 users rejoice, after the SSPL here comes the HSPL. The release notes:

Release Notes:

DarkForces Team HardSPL by bepe and Cotulla

Please read carefully before installing!

1) To install this HSPL there must be SPL 1.42.0000 on your device.
Otherwise the installation will fail!
To check your SPL version, hold the Volume Down button and do a reset.
It is possible to downgrade to this SPL, by just flashing to an Official ROM
with this SPL version.

2) Features
- Disabled CID Check, so you can flash any official ROM without using a Gold Card.
- Security Level = 0, so you can use all the boot loader commands (for developers).
- This HSPL will not get overwritten when flashing a full NBH with SPL via RUU.
- No NBH signatures check, so you can flash unsigned ROM images.

3) Warranty Issues
Be warned, Installing HSPL may void your warranty.
If you need to send your device to a Repair Centre,
make sure that you uninstall HSPL!

4) Uninstallation
Only way to remove the HSPL is to flash an original SPL from SD card.
- Take any “RUU_signed.nbh” from a ship ROM and copy it to SD card.
- Rename it to “leoimg.nbh”
- Reset the device while pressing the volume down button.

5) Disclaimer
This product is free to use, but at your own risk. We take no
responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by
this unlocking procedure. No warranties of any kind are given.
We have tested our product on several devices and have not
found any problems with it.

I don’t recommended doing this so don’t blame me or MobileTechWorld if you brick your HD2 and remember that it will void your warranty.

Grab it here

Source: XDA