Google Officially announces the Nexus One along with smartphone Webstore

As you probably already know the Google / Nexus One announcement is currently underway in Mountain View and so far nothing terribly exciting has emerged. Thanks to all the leaks and reviews we already knew what the HTC Nexus One specs and frankly after the HTC HD2 and can’t figure out what the hype is all about. It looks worst, has a smaller screen, one LED flash (there are 2 on the HD2) but has an AMOLED screen (sucks when used outdoors compared to TFT) and 64MB ram more the HD2. The main difference between the 2 products is that one runs Android 2.1 and the other Windows Mobile 6.5 with Sense UI. It’s up to you to decide which is better for you. 
Google is doing a phenomenal job with the OS developement right now and the new voice to text functionality is a step in the right direction (now all text fields are voice enabled, just speak and to will fill up the field with text!). The Nexus One is AFAIC the best Android smartphone on the market but all the hype was just ridiculous. Everything you see on it can be done on the Motorola Droid. What I’m most interested in is what all the other OEMs think about this.

UPDATE: Looks like they are also announcing a samrtphone webstore where you can by Android devices unlocked or locked to a carrier. At first only the Nexus One will be available ( $180 on T-Mobile and On Verizon this Spring!) but Google plans to add more devices are carriers in the near futur.

Head over to the official Nexus One website here

Source: Google