Roxio CinemaNow 2.0 Digital Movie platform is Android & Windows Mobile compatible

A whole bunch of companies aren’t waiting t’ill CES officially start on January 7th to announces their latest and greatest products. Sonic just announced that they are planning to showcase CinemaNow 2.0 platform, among all the new features is Android & Windows Mobile compatibility:

The Roxio CinemaNow 2.0 Platform enables consumer electronics companies to easily establish digital storefronts on their connected devices, branded by leading retailers. Included within the new 2.0 platform will be capabilities that greatly enhance the user experience:

•Enhanced Storefront: The CinemaNow storefront service has been expanded to include contextual links from each movie to additional content by that movie’s studio, director, writers and actors. Also included are instant movie previews and trailers as well as recommendations.
•HD Content: The CinemaNow 2.0 platform supports both download and streamed HD content in resolutions up to 1080p at high-bit rates for maximum quality.
•3D Ready: The CinemaNow 2.0 platform includes support for the forthcoming digital delivery of 3D content on both PC and CE platforms.
•Interactive Content: The CinemaNow 2.0 makes it possible for content owners to deliver movies with the kinds of interactivity currently available on Blu-ray disc, including: multiple chapter points with pop-up menus, multiple audio streams, subtitles, and special features.

The Roxio CinemaNow 2.0 Platform is compatible with a broad range of connected TVs, Blu-ray players, and set top boxes and will also be featured on PC and mobile devices. The PC client for Roxio CinemaNow offers a full-screen user interface, touch functionality and Windows 7 compatibility. For mobile devices, the CinemaNow 2.0 platform will be available on the Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

I’m guessing that this would be OTA movie streaming and remote capabilities (schedule recordings etc…).

The full press release: here

Nokia: We will be on par with Apple & RIM in 2011

Seems like Nokia‘s new Mobile chief is an optimistic guy. In an interesting interview with the India Times, Nokia’s executive vice-president and head of the mobile phones, Rick Simonson, admitted that the Finish company has lost ground in the smartphone space over the past 18 months and that they plan to be on par with Apple & RIM in 2011. Sounds a bit late, but remember that Nokia is still the N°1 handset company in the world (by a long shot):

By 2011, our efforts will start producing results, as we will be at par with Apple and RIM in smartphones. Not only we draw level with them, we will also win the war because, in addition to email, we will be adding content, chat, music, entertainment and several other features, which will soon become very critical for success of any company in this space.

Another crucial factor that will play a large role in our success is that we have the power of open operating system coupled with the open distribution model that is not restricted by geographical or technology boundaries. Look at our targets for any segment of our devices for 2010 — they are all 2-10 times that of any of our competitors.

When asked about Palm:

There have been several reports of Nokia buying out Palm:

We have been hearing that for a long time now — maybe it is like one of those things that you keep predicting and hope that by 2010, or in the next 10 years, it will actually come true. It’s like you keep saying, ‘it will rain, it will rain’ and one day it finally rains, and then you say you predicted it!

Head over here to read it all.

Source: The Indian Times via Moconews

Home Run Baseball OpenGL ES game on the Nokia N900 video

Here’s a short hands-on video of an upcoming OpenGL ES game on the Maemo 5 powered Nokia N900:

The game isn’t out yet but should be available through Nokia‘s OVI store in the coming month. Hopefully the slightly sluggish performance seen in the video will be fixed by then .

source: FoneArena