HTC Nexus One first-impressions

The boys at Engadget just posted their first-hand impressions after handling the HTC Nexus One for a little while. I must admit that the device looks quite a lot better than I thought (now that we have non-blurry pictures) but still not I nice as the HTC HD2 and the Android 2.1 UI is just miles ahead of Windows Mobile 6.5. Check out the hands on video to the some of the new changes made to the OS and how snappy the device is. Other than that there isn’t really anything to be excited about:

Now, of course everyone seems to have one question about the device — is this the be-all-end-all Android phone / iPhone eviscerator? In two words: not really. The thing that’s struck us most (so far) about the Nexus One thus far is the fact that it’s really not very different than the Droid in any substantial way. Yes, we’d say the design and feel of the phone is better (much better, in fact), and it’s definitely noticeably faster than Motorola’s offering, but it’s not so much faster that we felt like the doors were being blown off. It is very smooth, though we still noticed a little stuttery behavior (very slight, mind you) when moving between home pages. Still, opening applications and moving between them was super speedy, as was Google maps, and any area of the phone where you’ve got to get through long lists. Don’t get us wrong, the phone cooks — but it’s not some paradigmatic shift for Android.

Check the whole thing here

Source: Engadget