Samsung Epix to get Windows Mobile 6.5 update in February

Microsoft’s updated Windows Mobile 6.5 device upgrade list now shows the Samsung Epix scheduled to get the WM6.5 update in February. Wonder if it will be Windows Mobile 6.5.3 instead..

Source: Microsoft via WMExperts

One more Xperia X10 hands-on video

Here’s new hands on video of the Xperia X10 (in french). As you can see the UI is now running fairly smoothly:

Sony Ericsson is expected to announce some new Xperia X10 info (vilibility, etc..) during CES in Vegas next week.

Source: GPS&Co

10 Minutes long HTC Nexus One video walkthrough

Here comes the best HTC Nexus One hands-on video availalbe on the net:

The UI may not be as sexy as HTC‘s Sense but it’s damn fast and Android 2.1 looks a heck of a lot better than WM6.5 (the camera app looks a little bit too much like the iPhone’s though..).

This second video shows the old Qualcomm Neocore OpenGL ES 1.0 techdemo (originaly developed for the MSM72XX SOC back in 2007). The final score isn’t impressible at all though….

The Acer Liquid running a SnapDragon clocked @768Mhz compared to 1Ghz on the Nexus One scores 34.7fps!

Source: Beheller

How XBOX Live Anywhere looked like on Windows Mobile back in 2006

Here’s a┬ámemory refresher for those who don’t remember how the previously announced Windows Mobile / Xbox Live integration looked like when it was demoed during E3 2006. Here’s a quote from Engadget’s report:

Microsoft’s new Live Anywhere that they announced at today’s E3 keynote takes their Xbox Live concept and extends it to the PC, Windows Mobile and even Java-enabled phones. Whether you’re at your PC or rocking a mobile, you’ll be able to track your gamer tag, message friends, purchase content for that device or set it to download to another device, and of course compare rankings with your buddies on various gaming titles.
After the keynote we got a personal showing of prototype Live Anywhere functionality, mainly running off of a Windows Mobile device.

Ironically the whole app’s UI looks 10x better than what Microsoft has ever released on WinMo so far…

Anyway, it’s now clear that Windows Mobile 7 is going to get some sort of XBOX Live integration but will it be similar to what was demoed back in 2006? Well, my guess is that the first WinMo/XBOX Live services will be similar to the the Live Anywhere application, Microsoft will at the same time be building up the Zune/WinMo Marketplace and only then we will start to see high profile games coming out for WM and direct interaction with games running on the console. As Robbie Bach stated earlier this year, everything won’t be rolled out at the same time, so expect a lot of updates coming WM7 in 2011/12.

Source: Engadget thanks to 1800Pocketpc