HTC Espresso Sense UI leaked, shown running on the HTC Hero

The HTC Espersso (Rosie) UI with talked about a few days ago has finally been leaked to the net. Below you’ll see a video of HTC‘s latest Android 2.1 Sense UI running on the HTC Hero:

You can grab the Espresso dump here

Source: AndroidSpin & Youtube

HTC HD2 SSPL released: Try it now

The boys (Bepe) at XDA just released the SSPL (not HSPL) for the HTC HD2. This lets you flash your HD2 with unsigned/cooked ROMs but won’t let you flash the SPL or the Radio.

How safe is it?
We disabled SPL and Radio flashing, so it can only flash Splashes and OS images.
(To all hackers out there… don’t enable it! else you will BRICK your device)
Worst case is that you destroy your OS partition, in that case you must flash a ship ROM using the original SPL (Vol down on boot run ruu from PC )
We did our best to make it save, else we would not release it for public testing, but anyway, all on your own risk!

How to use it:

* Download the SSPL_RUU.exe and put it into an empty folder
* Add the RUU_signed.nbh that you want to flash to your device into the same folder
* Connect the device to the PC, device must be running WM, not show the 3 color screen
* Run SSPL_RUU.exe

Always back up your device before!

Head over here for all the instructions. posted a video walkthrough instruction on how to use the SSPL:

Source: XDA-Devs &