6 Bugs that HTC has to fix on the HD2


The HTC HD2 is currently one of the best and most advanced smartphone on the market, but like every new device it suffers from quite a few bugs that can irritate the end user:


The now infamous SMS “stuck in outbox bug” is probably what should be fixed a soon as possible. The HOTFIX released a few days ago doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem as far as I can tell.User who applied the patch still suffer from this and other who are running the 1.61 that supposedly already includes the fix) are experiencing this too. Some messages also show up with the wrong date and timestamp.

Volume rocker

The hardware volume rocker also suffers from some weird behaviour. When watching a video through HTC’s Album application (and YouTube app or listening to music through Sense) the on-screen overlay volume visualization (that lets you know your volume level) often disappears so you have to guess what your current volume is. Even worst, sometimes pressing up or down on the rocker will fast forward or rewind the video (or crash the device) or the music you are listening too. Soft-Resetting the devices is the only way to vring the volume overlay back.


Even-though a HOTFIX was released for the Pink camera hue/spot HTC can still do a better job because, so far it looks like the FIX doesn’t apply to videos captured with the device.

Radio / Cellular reception

As I stated in my review, the HD2′s Radio ROM suffers from bad reception in some areas and weird disconnections when the Data connection is active (other phones in the same area don’t exhibit these problems).

Screen sensitivity

Some users are complaining that the capacitive screen sensitivity is a little bit too high (you can find some CABs on XDA that can lower it) especialy when typing on the on-screen keyboard. It would be nice if HTC added a sensitivity option so users can choose between high/low sensitivity to meet their needs.UPDATE: Another bug related to the screen sensitivity is the strange jittering finger bug (I didn’t experience it on my device yet, but many users seem to be affected).See Dallis post in the comments.


The third-party applications pinch-zooming implementation (in file explorer, outlook etc) that HTC added to Windows Mobile can disappear and no-longer work for no apparent reason. A soft-rest of the device is the only way to bring it back.

Anything thing else I’ve missed? Don’t hesitate to comment.

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