LG Expo GW820 reviewed

The boys a PhoneArena just posted their full review of LG‘s latest Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone, the Expo (also known as the iQ in Canada). LG seems to have done a solid job this time around :

LG did a wonderful job in disassociating itself from the sour after taste that left us with the LG INCITE. They’ve clearly reworked their designs and managed to produce a worthy Windows Mobile smartphone that will aim to please a wide range of users with its impressive lists of features. Not only does the S-Class interface make its US debut on the eXpo, but it adds a lot of visual flare that we haven’t seen stateside to make it a refreshing option for users consistently seeing either TouchFLO 3D or TouchWiz dominating the scene. Finally, the implementation of the pico projector opens up a plethora of implications that can cater to a whole new list of needs. The X in eXpo marks the spot where LG clearly differentiates itself in being a prominent figure in the Windows Mobile landscape.

As with all Windows Mobile 6.5 device you will still come across a lot of UI inconsistency, but if you really need a WinMo device on AT&T the LG eXpo is a good choice.

source: PhoneArena